Friday, June 01, 2007

Day 5

It's fun keeping track of how many days I've stitched on A Restful Night, because it's growing so fast it's amazing. I didn't get a lot stitched yesterday because I woke up with massive aches in my upper arms (which is weird because usually my lower arms and wrists hurt instead). I did get a fair amount more done on the top left hand side wing (and will get a photo today if possible) which I am pleased with, and got through a difficult section of background because I'd messed up my chart having not marked it so had to be very careful and use the grid.

Nothing hurts especially today, though my fingers are a bit achey but I am going to get Troy to massage them before I stitch and I should be okay.

We had a chat about the Chatelaines last night, and decided that I can get MX out on Fridays and try stitching it, but not keep going if it's too arduous or I make too many silly errors that I wouldn't have made well. I've also got a maximum of 3 hours that I'm allowed to work on it. We'll see how that goes. I'm letting myself 'cheat' and stitch the walls and roofs together, and start them even though I haven't finished part 4 completely. I figure my stitching time is at such a premium that I may as well enjoy it, and I'll stitch side by side, finishing corner 4 when I get to the side I need to finish it on. Cross stitch is easier on me than all the blackwork, so I should be okay. There is blackwork again in the windows, and if I struggle with it I will leave it. I just want to stitch what I can!

I woke up earlier than usual today, after having gone to bed early last night, and I might try to keep it up. I'd rather be awake during normal hours than later at night, so its nice to be awake in the AM rather than about 2PM.

Anyway, off to sort out my internet stuffs for the day and then jump into stitching MX!

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