Saturday, July 07, 2007

And I overdid it, the last few days, so back in bed. Oh well, you win some you lose some!

After spending all that time organising the threads for A Restful Night, I didnt put a single stitch into her. Instead I stitched on Tranquility, and got all of the top row of motifs done, and started the second! It felt good to make serious progress again.

I also got some stash while I was gone in the mail - a mother of pearl thread winder shaped like a flower and Ink Circles' Blackstone Fantasy Garden's chart. Was nice to open when I got back!

I did a bit of shopping in Melbourne too - new jeans to replace the pair I've got since the knees are wearing through - I'll wear them until they do wear through, then switch to the new ones (I'm hard on my jeans, but they're the easiest thing to wear while sick - just pull on jeans, a tshirt of some description and a jacket/sweater and all's good.) I also got two tshirts - priced at $25 each, but scanned at $10 each! from Giordanos who make wonderful, comfy shirts. One is pale pink with a brighter pink peacock with its tail folded trailing down, and the other is the colour of raspberry gelati. Very edible looking! Added to this I got some of the cutest magnets ever to hold my charts on the stand (the magnets that came with it are ugly) and some coppery coloured earrings, to go with a ball shaped pendant necklace that troy got me - it's reminiscent of a cat bell, so fits me well (just read the address of my blog!)

Was good, but writing about it all is hard now. So I wont.

It was good to see the girls again after being away - though only Champagne will talk to me, the others are all snubbing me because I left. They'll get over it, eventually.

The one last thing to say is that Troy and I are going out tonight, to Vespers at an Orthodox church :) I've been investigating Orthodoxy for a while now, and now I'm officially labelling myself an inquirer - should be fun!

Anyway, that's all for now - I will post pictures of everything soon.

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