Sunday, June 17, 2007

Goals for 18-25th June

  • get to bed (sleeping) at or around 10:30, 11 at latest at least four nights this week no, but I did manage it twice which is better than last week.
  • finish red motif on tranquility, try to finish row havent touched it
  • finish row 30 on a restful night, try for row 40 no, but getting there (halfway)
  • finish current rows on white musings (diamond rhodes variation and oval darning stitch) try to start next row, which would get part 1 finished when it's done nope, but I have got some more done. All of the diamond rhodes stitches are done, just the cross stitching to do, and the oval darning stitch is half done.
  • choose prints I keep forgetting about this one for some reason
  • work on a chatelaine this week for at least an hour, try for both! no I haven't touched either
  • enjoy my stitching well I have the past two days!
  • stitch at least four days this week no, two though
  • follow the exercise pattern - walk from gate to gate three times, rest for an hour, do again one day, rest the next day doing lying on the floor exercises yes, or equivalent
  • drink more water I have been trying
  • get out of this funk not sure, but getting there
  • read a book yes, deepwater
This week:
  • enjoy my stitching
  • get row 30 done, try for 40 too!
  • finish red motif on tranquility
  • finish part 1 of WM
  • not get bogged down by confetti
  • read a book
  • cuddle rats
  • choose prints
  • sleep at the right time
  • feel better

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