Friday, June 08, 2007

It is a stupid hour

and I can't sleep. I took sleep meds, but obviously they didnt work. I might have to try dad's which really knock me out (and for the next day too...sigh) but we'll see.

I am also very hungry.

To add insult to injury, it was about 1:40 and I had been trying to sleep. My blankets were trying to escape onto the floor (tossing and turning will do that) and I somehow caught the cup of water on my nighstand...which fell into a half open blanket sized drawer full of stitching and books - ACK!

So next thing I knew I was swearing and had the light out and was rescuing things left right and centre and hanging them over my bed to dry. I tipped the water out onto the carpet (it won't care) and left everything to dry but that took the last vestiges of sleep out of me.

So now Im up, and bored. I might go raid the kitchen soon though, there has to be something I can eat. And if Bindi complains about me eating "her" food - if its not specifically labelled gluten free ie special, its fair game.

mwaha! I have eaten. Strawberry fruche, and a couple of corn thins. We have some very nummy soy and linseed bread (I am being healthy, because it seems to help) and sprouts, chicken and cucumber to go on it, but mum's brain wasn't working when she went shopping and she bought cream cheese in blocks rather than a tub *sigh*. And those sandwiches taste dry without anything, and gross with butter, so I couldn't make one. I did experiment earlier with strawberry jam and soy and linseed bread - don't think I'm going to try that again. We have a brand of jam here called St Dalfours and it's made with grape juice rather than sugar. I love it, its the only strawberry jam I'll eat (all others taste too sweet) and now I have an excuse to eat it, being that it's low in sugar! At my nana's house though, I'll eat the house jam...why would I not, it beats even St Dalfours. Especially apricot and ginger. Yum!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a busy night! Hope all of your stitching and books were rescued and are ok!

Laural said...

I didn't get to read your post yesterday. I'm sorry to hear that you have CFS but am also glad to hear that it isn't something worse. We can have CFS together! I too have another rare disease (central d. insipidus) and it's something that you just have to learn to manage. But the process sucks.

I'm glad that you saved your stitching!