Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yesterday (day 10) and today

As I said yesterday, I got row 2 finished (this week's goal) and I worked on it a little more but finding all the threads for this row took a long time. I swear it uses at least half the colours in the colour list, and given the colour list is three pages...ack. I do have them all sorted now though, and a small list of the colours that I need and don't have (which is normal) and I will hopefully pick them up tomorrow. There is about 50-60 stitches done on this row, but not many because it was quite late by the time I finished getting all my threads together. I am going to be so, so glad when I have all my master set in stitchbows, so that I can just pull the threads... I need to buy some more stitchbows tomorrow too.

I didnt feel like working on A Restful Night today (I think it was all the thread finding last night) so I pulled out White Musings which I've got on one of the Artisan ScrollLok frames that Anna lent me for a little while, along with her lowery scroll frame attachment since I don't have one. Its actually much better for my working in bed, because it gives me a nice wide surface that I dont have to constantly monitor (q-snaps) which is fantastic. I'm working again on the diamond Rhodes, and I might keep on White Musings tonight even though I'm not feeling the same annoyance with ARN now that I was earlier, and get some of these Rhodes done since there are seven of the things and I've only done two and a bit. The cross stitch border around them at least is quick! The next row under is a darning stitch done in Wispa, which is kind of fun, even if the Wispa is a pain to stitch with.

I forgot to mention that I'm seeing the specialist tomorrow because of being on the waiting list, which is great, rather than the 29th, ugh. Turns out he's going on holiday for two weeks, which explains the wait. But someone cancelled, so I'm in tomorrow at 9:45, ugh. I will be grateful. I will!!

I lost it last night. I've been coping and coping and trying to have a positive outlook and finally I snapped last night and spent a couple hours crying and ranting on the phone to Troy, who was an angel as usual and basically told me that yes, its okay to feel like that but you are being stupid at the same time. I did that, and ended up feeling better mentally than I have in a long time, so that was nice. I fell asleep at about 3, and woke up at 3:30 this afternoon. Technically dad woke me up at 1pm, but I pulled the blankets over my head and fell back into a really deep sleep again. Consequently I've actually been feeling quite good today, as far as good goes for me at the moment.

Mum washed my hair tonight, because I didnt want to go out of the house with gross hair, and braided it up for me so I dont have to deal with it or feel guilty for not brushing it. So now I'll just keep it braided, and she can fix the braids when they get too ratty. Makes life much easier.

Anyway I think that's all I want to say, so :) I am being positive!

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Laural said...

It's good to get it out. Keeping everything in just adds to not feeling well. I hope things go well at the specialist!!