Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 11 (ish)

I made myself stitch tonight! That was hard, but fun. I had to reformat my computer anyway, desperately, and that's my major procrastination tool - I'd run out, so stitching it had to be. And I enjoyed it, it was just a case of making myself work on it. I got about 100 stitches in, most of the lower left wing for this row, which is satisfying, and I'll get her out again tomorrow and work some more. Hopefully all will go well.

It's nice just having the one WIP, but having one or two as options when I'm sick of the current one - I got thoroughly sick of Noon Basking because I worked on it for a year straight, learning all about stitching on linen, blends, railroading stitches, fractionals...need I go on? I've since learned all those skills, but are we in any doubt as to why I restarted that one! I think I'm going to have to more or less use the StRIP method, finishing two WIPs to every one that I start for a while until I'm down to only a few at any given time. I can't deal with too many at the moment, but the idea of not working on any of my babies at all is too hard. So I'll stick to more or less OAAT for now, and see how I go.

As it stands, here is the list in order or what I want to work on when: (I've made 'finishes' out of certain amounts of some BAPs, to make them more manageable stitching OAAT with so many WIPs calling)

A Restful Night (current)
White Musings (option A)
Tranquility Mystery Sampler (option B)

2 parts (end of 4, 5, 6) Mystery X
5pgs Froggy Frog World (equivalent of a QS)
1/4 Noon Basking
5pgs From The Ashes
Japanese Octagon Box
new start - small, like a QS
2 parts (7, 8) Mystery X
5pgs Froggy Frog World (until end of pg 10)
1/4 Noon Basking
5pgs From The Ashes
new start - small non HAED

pattern follows:
2pts MX (until done)
5pgs FFW (until done)
1/4 Noon Basking (until done)
5pgs From The Ashes (until done)

eventually, I want to get down to three projects as WIPs - a current project and two options.

if I start with the three WIPs I have, working mainly on ARN and dipping into the others as I go occasionally, then when I finish ARN I move White Musings into the current slot, and Tranquility to option A, and the first on the list (MX) into option B and keep working.

Idealistic, but I have to have some sort of a plan even if I don't stick to it. Honestly, this I think is the best plan of attack for me! When I get down to 3 WIPs, then I can start thinking about starting some of the charts and kits I have - though I've only really got one 'kit' and thats Convents Herbal Garden. I've just got so many HAEDs calling - ten or so full size charts, and way too many QSs. Gak.

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