Monday, June 18, 2007

day 13

Im missing a few colours, so I couldnt do all that I wanted to today (picking them up tomorrow) but I have finished this row for the first page. Talk about confetti - those last two hundred stitches took about as long as the rest of the row had taken me! But I've got all my threads sorted for the second page of this row, and it's looking fantastic, so it should be good. Im out of confetti hell now (at least for this row) but there is still a lot of blue and purple in the wings to be done. I am looking forward to stitching it though, and getting back to do more hair and start to uncover her face. Might even set it as a race - how quick can I finish the row?

I went to church with Troy tonight and it was good to go but I found it hard to concentrate, and was falling asleep. I wish I could fix that but there doesnt really seem to be a way.

Cleaning up my room continues, but it's still a tip. Mostly clothes though, ones that arent dirty but need to be put away. Eventually they will all disappear, I'm sure. I want an angel of laundry!

Several Passione Ricamo pieces are screaming at me at the moment though, which is frustrating, because I do not need any new starts or stash. But I am steadily plodding through A Restful Night, and its fun seeing how fast she is stitching up compared to anything that I've stitched before.

It's late, and the rats are fed, my stitching is away and I am in bed. Its nice, but I should sleep soon.

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Laural said...

Well I definitely feel your pain on the falling asleep. I'm having a huge flair up today myself.

I hate those big patches of crazy confetti!