Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bits and pieces and weekly goals (late!)

I forgot I'd set goals, gives you some idea of what my week has been like. So I'll update the goals, and set a few new ones.

217 stitches left of the row to go, woohoo. And all the background stitching, so solid colour-ish. I should get it done tomorrow, if I have the inclination :)

My stitching frame is back in the living room now, for the first time in at least a month. It's kind of nice, being able to watch tv and stitch again and to spend time with the family. Its lonely being shut up in my room.

I've also decided to frog the confetti hair and restitch it. I stitched it in random order, and its horribly lumpy as compared with the smoothness of the rest of the piece, so I want to fix it. It's not really that much to do... I'm thinking I'll restitch it along with stitching the next row when I reach the hair, so it flows seamlessly into the next row and I know I've got it all laying right.

I found an old printout of the chart, with the colours all right, so its nice to look at her in a large size and put her next to my stitching.

Leaving for Melbourne early Friday morning, so I need to pack in the next few days too! Im hoping to go to Lygon st while we're there, for pasta and honestly the best gelati I have ever eaten. There's a place there...wow. Actually, there are two, one trad (the best) and one modern (yummy too, but doesnt beat the first) and we might have to try both!

So, goals.
  • enjoy my stitching yes, I did. Finally seemed to get out of the slump, though it comes back to bite me sometimes still.
  • get row 30 done, try for 40 too!No, but so very close.
  • finish red motif on tranquility
  • Havent touched Tranquility, just been busy stitching A Restful Night. More's the pity, I saw Irene's (up to date) one in the same colourway as mine, and Fudgeys, and...wow. I am loving this one, so glad I started it!
  • finish part 1 of WM
  • Haven't touched this one either. It will get done.
  • not get bogged down by confetti
  • No, not really. Just frustrating!
  • read a book Yes, read 'The Colony' which is the companion book to a reality series that was on SBS a few years back about the early early settlers.
  • cuddle rats This was an easy one. Much cuddles!
  • choose prints Yet another one I didn't do.
  • sleep at the right time I tried...
  • feel better Yes :)
Next Week:
  • Try to meet my goal for ARN for this month - line 50
  • Get packed in time (NOT friday morning...)
  • Clean my room up somewhat
  • Enjoy my stitching
  • Sort the box of thread next to the tv that I discovered the other day
  • Sort all of the threads for this piece (A Restful Night) out so that I can take them with me next week, the current threads (or first few rows, if they'll fit) in my binder and the rest in a spare binder/bag depending of their stitchbow-ness status. I doubt B has a full set of DMC! Normally the full set for a piece fits in my binder, but this one has three pages of floss colours...lol
  • Not explode at mum
  • Sleep lots
  • Eat at least twice a day, proper food.

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Laural said...

Great progress on your stitching! I'm glad you are able to get out and be with your family rather than stuck in your room stitching. Have fun on your trip!