Saturday, March 01, 2008


I don't know how it's suddenly become March. It was the beginning of February only recently!

I'm really not well. I spent most of today in bed, and went to bed very early last night. Tonight will probably be early too, when I've had a bath as my hair is gross. I could wear a scarf perhaps, but I think I just really need to wash my hair. I think I'll dig something 'fashionable' out of my wardrobe too, though I honestly don't know what is at the moment, since I feel terrible and it's always nice to dress up when you feel bad. Or else I'll just wear my favourite outfit and be done with it!

I haven't set goals in ages, and I don't think I'll set impressive ones this time. But it is fun to set a few and see how I go.

  • Peaceful Paradise: finish the final two pages for the first row and make a good start on two from the second.
  • A Restful Night: finish the next row, row 13
  • Finish Jo's gift
  • Make Jeremy's present
  • Learn to cook something nestissimo other than fassolada
  • Get to as many lenten services as possible
  • Buy all my chocolate before western Easter
  • Try not to be put out by not being able to eat chocolate with everyone else
  • Keep up with schoolwork
That should do me. Now I'm going to get back to stitching starts on Peaceful Paradise, and make some more inroads on the sky (again, this sky will be the death of me...)

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