Sunday, March 23, 2008

Western Easter

I am so tired that it is not funny, but that's ok. This too will pass.

I got up this morning, had a shower, got dressed, and went egg hunting with my sister - and then Jeremy came, so he helped out.

We were very tired
Before the hunt

but chocolate eggs are fun, and there's plenty of hiding places in our yard (3/4 of an acre).

And we found them!
Successful hunters

But there was one more 'egg' to find and open, so we went inside and found it, and my sister couldn't understand why I was giving her a present, or what it was...
What is it?

but when she opened it she was pleased.
Maximus and 'Maxine'

A bit of background - Bindi is 'Belinda', but that's not a Saint's name, and both my parents are named for Saints, as will I be when I'm baptised. She's not, though, but when I was reading the story of St Maximus the Hut Burner ages ago she was intrigued, asked when his feast day was, and marked it on the calendar. While I was at my grandmother's house, she rang me on January the 13th to remind me! I wished her Χρονια Πολλα (many years, ie good luck) and she said 'it's not my name day!' I commented that it might as well be...

Well, a month or so ago her friend and I were talking about name days and Bindi came in. Her friend asked when her name day was, and she said 'January 13th - St Maximus. I'm Maxine.' I just about fell over, but I thought...and bought her an icon. If Maxine she'll be, that's fine with me!

She liked the icon a lot, and it's now pride of place on her dresser.

As to today - it's been uneventful. Just Church (which was wonderful) and a fish BBQ for Annunciation (on Tuesday, but we cheated and celebrated it today instead), and came home to talk with Jeremy and random family. Now I'm just tired, and having a sleepy afternoon/evening. It'll probably stay that way.

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