Sunday, March 30, 2008


We're now halfway through Lent. WOOHOO!

I have a huge list of things to do, but insh'Allah all will work out. I've got a shortlist of things to do tonight - writing an essay and finishing my green dress, I hope.

I have some really interesting ideas for my baptismal robe - I need a dress to be baptised in, but I'm planning to make it out of plain white cotton, the same style as my purple one. But there's plenty of lovely blank canvas there... I'm thinking some butterflies embroidered, and maybe some drawn thread work? :) We will see. There's just so much space to work on, and I've got plenty of white cotton.

We had Church this morning, and being the third sunday of Lent it was the Adoration of the Holy Cross. So another procession, yay, and then we all filed past to kiss the Cross and accept a blessed flower from the wreath from the priest. I got a carnation, Troy and Jeremy got geranium leaves, and the whole lot makes a pretty posy which is now in a vase on my table.

Jeremy came back here after for lunch, pumpkin and chickpea curry (yummm) and we sat around and talked. Now I'm just killing time and procrastinating, bad Kyriaki. Jeremy's scared me into getting a couple things which were overdue done last night (finished the last one at 3am this morning) and he mailed them today, and insh'Allah I'll get the draft of an essay done tonight. We'll see. I'm not really in a motivated mood with regard to school, but oh well.

Oh, and I have a cute little girl's dress to make as a baptismal robe for my godmother's great niece, too. Who is getting baptised on Tuesday. Oh yay. The dress should be cute though, I've got a lovely soft fabric to use for the overskirt :)

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