Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning - my body was not cooperative. I did, though, and I'm glad I did. I actually had a very productive day which was nice. My Mum has hurt her back, and spent the morning sitting down, so I sorted out things for her that needed doing, dried up a sink full of dishes and put them away, and cleaned up our formal lounge room. It...well it's a formal lounge room, apparently. It has a lovely fireplace and leather sofas. On the other hand, it also has a collection of embroidery stuff that has escaped my room/couch where I stitch/basket I keep stuff in, a bed that whoever is staying at our house sleeps on (or not, in Troy's case - he prefers a sleeping bag on the floor, weirdo), my crockery+glasses+engagement gifts+stuff, a lot of random junk from varying members of my family, and a lot of mess usually as Troy sleeps there every weekend, and we often have other randoms stay the night there too. And when everyone gets paranoid about my room making me sick, I sleep there. It's a nice room, lots of big windows, but I prefer mine.

Anyway, it was a mess. And my grandmother is staying with us. So, before she came, I got rid of rubbish, a teapot, assorted glasses, mugs, pairs of socks, clothes, junk...at least it's passable now. I vacuumed the floor and stripped the bed, but forgot to remake it because Mum had a physio appointment and I had to drive her up - yay for logging more hours of driving 'practice' (I could quite competently drive on my own, I just need to do the formalities of the next few months). I had a sort of list in my mind, and we went shopping as we were early and down the street already. Well...really, Mum gave me the money and I went shopping. No-egg (egg replacement stuff, a lifesaver for cakes etc), lots of vegies, bread, peanut butter, the makings for fassolada (yes, again, though this time from the greengrocers so much nicer than usual), peaches, nectarines, bananas, and lunch meat for my mum. I took my maths coursework to Mum's appointment, and sat in the waiting room doing my homework. Eventually we figured out a list of things we'd forgotten at the supermarket and went back again.

We came home, I put stuff away (Mum can't bend at the moment) and had class. As would happen, my grandmother got there just as the class started, while my Mum was lying down and not capable of getting up easily. I don't think my teacher noticed me sorting stuff out...I hope not! Class was long and boring, and I have an assignment due on Monday. Fun stuff. I should around to doing it, maybe tomorrow. Noone knew what to cook, so I grabbed my recipe books (and the opportunity) and found a couple nestissimo recipies. We decided that grape tomato pasta looked good (and it was, btw), and I had a recipe for rice pudding made with coconut milk that I wanted to try out. So to the supermarket we went again (much to my friend Daneal's amusement, she works there), grabbed the stuff for dinner and came home to cook again. Pasta was yum - everyone but me and my grandmother added tuna to theirs. My grandmother doesn't like fish, and I can't eat it at the moment! Mm..fish...

It's starting to feel like Lent. There's just something different in the air, and I like it, I think. It's hard though. The title of my post is greek (obviously) and it says 'siychoreeste'. We said it a lot on Sunday night, it means (roughly) 'please forgive me'. I guess I'm conscious of how careless I can be, and end up hurting people. So, forgive me please if I have wronged any of you.

Speaking of Church stuff, I've got a scarf for my baptism! Background here because most people who read this aren't Orthodox. Tradition states that women wear dresses in Church, and scarves on their heads for Communion, at least. I always wear a skirt, but not usually a scarf - I don't take Communion, not being baptised yet, and it just seems awkward and like I'm trying too hard. I did the other night though, and it was nice. Helps me focus. ANYWAY, off topic Kyrie, Tradition also states that baptised converts wear white for eight days after their baptism. I've had a beautiful white cheesecloth dress (which I may or may not have to wear long sleeves and tights under if the weather stays hot through April like it is now) for months, but the problem has been a scarf - I *will* take Communion that night, for the first time, at Pascha. Wearing white. But I'm not likely to use a white scarf again. I mentioned it to my Mum, who had a brilliant suggestion. She grew up anglican, and had a lovely veil for her confirmation, white net with edging and a cross embroidered at the centre back. It's round, and still white as it's been carefully kept safe. We found it today, and it fits perfectly, so I'll sew a few narrow ribbons on so that I can tie it under my hair to keep it in place, and it'll be wonderful to wear a family heirloom of sorts for this.

Oh yes. Stitching! I got two things today. One is a gift for my sister for Easter, which I have stashed away carefully, and won't talk about here even though she doesn't read this blog - you'll find out at Western Easter when I give it to her, and the other is an icon. Well, sort of :) It's the chart for the St Nicholas icon Solaria Gallery has made. I've mentioned before that my friend Nikos wants to pay me to stitch him an icon - well, it's that one. I've been gridding the fabric tonight, and sorting out threads. Maybe in the morning I'll start stitching, we will see. The border is incredible, I think I am going to have a lot of fun stitching this.

It's late, though. I should go sleep. So I will end this, and try to post photos tomorrow of Frog'n'fairy.

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Rachel said...

I for one would LOVE to see a picture of the veil. Sounds beautiful.