Monday, March 17, 2008

Hey, photos!

I found the camera charger. Yay! And now, editing to add that I'm somewhat more awake now so now you get commentary with it.

Here's the frog'n'fairy:
17th March 08
I deviated from my mental parking ways this SAL, which was kind of fun. I'm still parking, sort of, but this is much faster to do it this way. The way I used to do it was...well, insane. I will probably still use that method sometimes, but I wanted to make serious inroads and I did. About 500 stitches I think, all told. I love the fronds coming through, and I'm starting to outline the frog's legs, but you can't really see - yet. Maybe next time I pick it up.

and here's Mystery X - I got heaps done while I was in Tumby but never got around to taking a photo!
Part 6 WIP - 17th March 08
It's starting to get too big for decent photos. I'll have to start taking photos of the areas I've worked on soon, rather than the whole thing! And it's only half
I miss this piece, I'll have to get back into it again - maybe when I've got peaceful paradise done? At least when there's a lot more done on it!

And, this icon I keep talking about. It's only a start, and only the border, but it is pretty. The photo doesn't do it justice, as usual. I wasn't expecting it to 'glow' this much from the computer generated image. She's a brilliant charter, from what I've stitched so far. Instead of just being brown wood-esque stuff, this actually looks nice!
17th March 08
There are two 'rubies' started in there too. This one's a nightmare to park, so I'm not - just at the edges of pages, as trying to work across the A3 pages with this would be nuts. I've actually folded the pages so that they're A5, and I'm mostly working within the top left section, obviously. It simplifies things, these charts are intricate! I gridded like mad, and I've been using it a lot. This is a lot of fun to stitch, but I'm finding myself missing Peaceful Paradise so that's back on the frame tonight. I'll have to figure out a schedule.

I'm tired, and I'm slightly manic because I'm stressed. But I will be okay, I hope.


Sally said...

Fantastic WIPs Kyrie.

Chiasmata said...

Wow, you're totally addicted to BAPs. I'm in awe.