Monday, March 10, 2008

Wanting to write

I'm tired, more from emotion than from actual physical activity, I think. The last few days have been hard. If this is indicative of Lent, it's not going to be the food side of things that is hard! Hopefully I will learn something though, and it will be better.

I have been happily stitching away on A Restful Night, cross country! It's slightly textured, but not in a way that bothers me, I think :) Hopefully a good press will fix it. I've got 700ish stitches done, which I'm pleased with, and have basically finished the mushroom on this side. Froggy's eye is outlined and rapidly being filled in, and there is an outline of his legs on that side now. I'll take a photo when I finish stitching for the night, or tomorrow. Not as much work as I might have liked, but I also haven't been home for a lot of this weekend. All in all, I am pleased. She is beautiful, and I will be so glad to have her finished. I am thinking about working on her until I finish the page, or go mad from confetti. One or the other! It's all gridded now, which makes it easier.

Tomorrow I have class, which I don't want to go to, and a sale at Spotlight (habadashery store) which I do want to go to. Maybe I'll get to both? I'd like to make a twin of the purpledress I wear all the time in summer in another fabric, and get some more interfacing as I am running out. And my γιαγιά is coming to stay. It's always wonderful to have her here, and she can help me fix the collar on this shirt that is refusing to play nice... :)

Today was a public holiday here, which was nice - my family was home. We had a bbq for lunch (and I raided the freezer for veggie patties) and ate a lot of potatoes, bbq'd and crispy, yum. I sat and stitched, read a bit, wasted time. I had a meeting tonight too for one of my Churches, they have a council to set up a youth group so I ended up there for some reason, and got nominated minute-taker as I can write shorthand. It was a lovely cafe, I will have to go back another time. Bindi would like it, lots of (fancy!) gluten free pasta dishes. Hopefully we'll set something up and all will go well. God willing :)

Now, I am just tired. It is only 11, and I want to stitch, but my eyes are saying no. So I think I'll go eat some more soup and fall into bed.

Κυρίε ελεήσον.

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