Monday, March 17, 2008

Being tired

Well, the math assignment is done, except for neatening it up and writing an introduction and conclusion, which is easy stuff and I will probably do it after dinner. I think dinner is going to be cold meat (for them) and salad, and I'll probably have a peanut butter sandwich with it. I've discovered that a sticky homemade orange marmalade we have is brilliant with peanut butter, so that shouldn't be too bad :) I have also discovered the wonders of ramen! I didn't realise it was lenten...

I went with Mum this morning (morning, ugh), and settled down to work. The first few hours I spent on my math, then in the long lesson after recess (all schools here have a break for half an hour at about 11) I sat down and did the history piece. Which wasn't too bad, and I have a 'supervisor' for the rest of the year for my subjects now. So every time I have to do something under test conditions, I just go up to school with Mum. Easy.

The afternoon was the struggle. I'd worked for hours, and my brain had had enough. Trying to write history notes just wasn't happening for me, so I went up to the library, sat in the sun and read a book. Much better.

I've got quite a bit done on the icon for the little I've worked on it, but I'm thinking I'll take it back off and put peaceful paradise back on. I miss it, and having an extra project is throwing me out of whack - so I'm thinking I'll work on it on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (Church days) when I'm not working on schoolwork or something - on Wednesday and Friday I have a lot of free time so not usually an issue - and work on my current WIPs other days. This commission is beautiful, and I love working on it, but I need to find a way to make it work. I need to find this camera to take a photo!

The fabric from the other day has had its second bath now, so I'll rinse it through clean water and hang it up in a few minutes. Lovely and green, should feel cool even if it's not! The weather should finally cool down after this stupid heatwave soon though, so that'll be nice.

Oh - I mentioned the Northern Lights last night. I found a photo album on Flickr of it, so go have a look if you have a few moments - I promise it's worth it! All the historic buildings on this main street of the City (museums etc among other things) are lit up, as if someone painted them, and they change!
Here's the link. And here's a pic for a teaser:

None of that greenery is really there!
Now I'm just settled, it'll be good to have a quiet night. Hanging out fabric, writing up a neat copy of this assignment, and maybe stitching some psalms. I am looking forward to it.

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