Saturday, March 08, 2008

Something interesting happened

I promised to blog again when something interesting happened. Well, here you are.

Thursday night we went fridge-buying. Troy...well, their fridge just didn't work. At all. The freezer worked...but the fridge, if you left a lettuce in there for a weekend it turned to slime. So, I've been eagle-eyed looking out for a fridge that he could afford, or some other option for the past six months or so. On the livejournal community for my city, someone mentioned looking for a second hand fridge, and a girl said well we're trying to sell one... and put photos, specs, etc. The original person didn't want it as apparently it didn't have enough freezer space for their icecream maker, but I put dibs on it, and after borrowing my dad's trailer and Jeremy (and his car), we headed off about 40minutes down south from where I live, to buy a fridge for $50AU (equivalent pricing would be about $25US, regardless of the exchange rate). We got there, and the fridge was there - seriously 'vintage' looking, but reliable and not particularly noisy. And the freezer is quite big so I'm not sure what the other person's problem was! Problem was trying to get the massive (and heavy!) fridge onto the trailer, which didn't have a ramp attached, with just two guys (seller's fiance and Troy, Jeremy's back is currently hurt) to get it on there. Eventually after much moving of cars and trailers, and a couple boards, and a trolley... and a bit of swearing... it ended up there, and we tied it down firmly. Money paid, we then had a race to get to a place half an hour NORTH of my house in half an hour. Thankfully, it wasn't a straight line including my house but instead the long side of a triangle, so we made it in 40 minutes, but without dinner. Bible study was...itself. Good fun, great discussion, and wonderful people. Troy got given the promise of a free haircut/style (as long as he was the model for a hairdresser taking her final exam, but our friend had had his hair cut by her and it looked great), and I helped make greek cookie/cake things. I forget what they're called (even though I was told a few times), but they have lemon rind in them and they're like a fat oval cookie with nuts in the middle. Learning to make greek food is mostly done by example, and it's fun to do. And then Father decided that since it was cheesefare week (think shrove tuesday/mardi gras without meat and lasting a week) we needed icecream and sent D out with money to purchase said icecream! He came back with boxes of cornettos and magnums and we happily munched our way through them. Eventually we got kicked out (after being given a letter from the Bishop to say we could be baptised, YAY) and went home. We realised that it was 10:30 and we hadn't eaten dinner, so we started in search of somewhere that was still open and sold vegetarian food. Not a common occurance, believe me! Finally we found a service station that also had a subway, and ate salad subs, then went back to Troy's place to grab all his housemates (he lives with two other guys and a girl) and his mate, who was also there, to unload the fridge (which they were very impressed with). And then Jeremy took me home. I got inside after midnight! It was a fun night.

The last few days, on the other hand, have been slow. I have become allergic to *something* in the air, not sure what, and it's made me lose my voice, not be able to breathe properly, and sneeze a lot. So I just settled down to stitch and do some homework as I was useless for anything else!

Last night we watched Stardust, which I loved in the theatres, and Troy hadn't seen. He loved it too - it's a great movie. I filled in a lot of sky, stitched the last few stars, and added another ornament to the text. I think I stitched some text in there too, but I don't remember what. I've now started the next page down, too, as the border extends there and I had thread in my needle when I reached the end of the page, and this ornament that I added goes over the page too. It's nice to start a new page! I think the next row of pages will go quite quickly, it's all text rather than the huge blocks of sky which have slowed me down. I'm not looking forward to stitching the grass in the last row though!

God-willing we'll get to Vespers tonight (I miss it, haven't been in three weeks), and Church tomorrow. There's a Greek festival on tomorrow, and I'm helping to sell stuff, so that should be fun!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. My computer came back to life last night, too. It decided to die and refuse to come back to life a few days ago, but after removing the battery and reinserting it it decided that maybe it'd give life another shot. I immediately backed up every chart I own, as especially Chatelaines are VERY expensive to replace!

Is it a sign of mad-stitcher disease that when your laptop goes down with the data of the past four years on it, you worry about the charts, rather than anything else?

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