Monday, March 17, 2008

First week

I've survived. Hooray! Four more to go, then Holy Week, then Pascha. Oh, goodness. It's starting to sink in now (getting called Kyriaki almost constantly by Father helps there) that I'm actually going to get baptised soon. After so long waiting... wow.

Rachel, I did see you comment about the veil. Sorry I haven't mentioned it, I keep forgetting! My camera is currently dead, and I can't find the charger. So when I do, you'll get a photo :)

My goodness.

Well, Friday didn't go to plan. Mum needed to do stuff, and needed my help, and then we went shopping for stuff...and I bought fabric...and cooked dinner...and then had to catch a train so I could get to Church for the Akathist (hymn to the Theotokos, aka the Virgin Mary), and then got home really late...

Let me explain that one. The stuff Mum needed to do is boring, so I'll leave that be. Shopping - there were a few things that needed picking up, a few exchanges needed to be made, and I bought myself possibly the cutest 20s style hat ever. I will get a photo of that, too, I promise! It's brown felt and gorgeous. Then we dropped into spotlight (think michaels or joanns) to pick up the floss for this icon as I didn't have a lot of colours in my stash and it was bugging me, and noticed that they still had the fabric I made the purpledress in...well...

I am now the owner of another yard and a half of the same fabric, in emerald green. When I get a spare moment (tomorrow is going to be WORK) it'll become a dress like the purple one! The purple one needs mending, too, so it'll be good to get my sewing machine back out.

The Akathist was beautiful, though does anyone know the meaning of akathist? It translates to 'don't sit down!!' Ow, my feet. Then we picked up vegan chinese as it was the only place open that we could eat (no mcdonalds for us lenten waifs) and went to see Father, 'cause we could. And stayed there for hours. We love him.

Saturday was sleepy and quiet. I had terrible cramps and curled up in a ball for half of it, and made soup in the other. It was good to have some downtime, and boy did I need it because...

Today I got woken up by a bouncy Troy announcing that his friends from Uni were coming to Church with us as they'd rung him. So, dragging myself out of bed and into clothes, we went to Church, then hung around to talk to these friends and one of them's wife, which was lovely, grab lunch after finding a lot of places shut (it was midafternoon) - penne napolitana, and crash at Jeremy's place for a few minutes. The guys fell asleep over their books and I stitched on St Nicholas and kept an eye on the time, waking them up in time to go to a christening, so Jeremy could chant and we could see what we were in for...and then vespers with a congregation of five, and choir of two. It was lovely. Church gives me such peace. Then we grabbed dinner at an Indian place in the city (yummy - dahl, vegetables and fried potato chickpea things, and a bucket of saffron rice), looked at the lights on North Terrace (one of the major streets in the city, all lit up with projectors on the buildings - google North Terrace Northern Lights Australia and you'll see what I mean), and came home. Now I'm dead.

Tomorrow is going to be math assignment, a history summative (source analysis, so no studying, just writing lots), and maybe some stitching when I need breaks. I'm going to school with Mum (a high school teacher), so less distractions that way. Should be good. I have to be supervised for this summative, which is why I'm going there - yay, school.

Troy's brother is home before going away again on duty in the Army, so we bought him an icon of St George to take with him when he goes - he knows enough about icons to appreciate it. We should see him this week - Jeremy and I are going to Troy's place for dinner, so they can meet Jeremy and we can catch up with Matt (brother), his sister, his parents and the nieces. Should be good.

Now though? Now I'm tired. It probably shows in the writing, but I wanted to get all this down while I could!

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