Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bunny

Hmm, there's a very odd shaped 'egg' been left at my house. Wonder what it is?
Easter egg?
I mean it says it's an easter egg, and it has the stripes...

I'll let you all guess what it is! C'mon, guessssss :)

In other news, I've had a reasonably busy day. I got up, threaded new elastic into winter clothes of Dad's for the very cold weather that he hasn't worn in years (so the elastic has perished), and got things sorted out for his trip - off to England, lucky thing. We took him to the airport, and took photos - this is my family:
Family before Dad's flight

My sister is odd, and wanted her own photo, so here you are - here's a face to the name 'Bindi' -

We went to the hospital after seeing Dad off, and I tied the blessed cross (knotted in cord, on a long cord for a necklace) I was given a while back to his bag he took on the plane. May God keep him safe! My grandmother is doing well, and I saw my Mum's two brothers and one's wife, and my cousin and her two kids (who are adorable). Her little girl who is almost 2 shares my birthday! There's a beautiful garden, and I liked leaning on the rail along the window-wall looking out into it. Very peaceful. I was tired though, and we came home. I didn't get much done - tired out, took a break for a few minutes then caught the train to the city to meet up for a youth council meeting, met Jeremy there, but we had to leave 30ish minutes after it started, which would have been fine if we'd started on time but these are Lebanese people...start on time? What do you mean!?!? So about ten minutes in (and a soy latte later, much to Jeremy's disgust as he hates soy milk) we left for Vespers, and I yanked my long blue skirt out of my bag, pulled it over my head and walked into Church. I love clothes that I can get away with wearing over jeans! Thea Maria (not my aunt, we all call her that though) was there, with a few other lovely ladies, D, and a few other regulars. I love Vespers.

D, Jeremy and I talked for ages after, sitting, on Jeremy's car, and finally it was too cold and dark so we left, and went in search of dinner. Meantime, everyone's been at me to eat...and Jeremy made me call Father and say about the fact that I've been losing weight (medical, not fasting related). The order was to eat normally again...well, ok. So Jeremy ate his felafel and supervised me eating all of a cheeseburger with pineapple from a fish and chip shop. It tasted wonderful, first meat in three weeks, but it was weird being watched! Eating healthily though, so things like chocolate that I don't need and aren't nistissimo are still out, of course. Right. Now if I can just worry about getting Troy to eat right...

I'm home now, and very tired, so planning on going to sleep in a minute. I have Church in the morning, after an egg hunt with my family.

Before I go, here's one final photo - Bindi got this one while I wasn't looking. She's a good photographer, I think. It's me, by the window to the garden at the hospital.
Quiet moment

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