Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday night

So, this time tomorrow night I'll have made it through three weeks of Lent. Cool!

Today I'm tired, as usual, but more at peace, thankyou God. I've been furiously lighting candles and asking the help of any Saints I can think of, and it seems to be working - I might be feeling sick, but my soul feels lighter.

I've had plenty of opportunities to light candles and pray, too. Church last night, and then again tonight - the Akathist (hymn to the Theotokos/Virgin Mary), and then a vigil, much to my delight when we found out about it Thursday night - I love vigils! Last night's was amusing though, as the choir got mixed up and they got lost, and Father got lost, and everyone got lost, and it took some serious sorting out. The Greek ladies adopted me again, and I got given little books with the text of Great Compline (evening service that isn't Vespers) and the Divine Liturgy (Mass) - in Greek, but I can figure out what's going on most of the time, with Greek text.

Afterwards, we sat around and talked, ate huge amounts of soup and baba ghanoush, and laughed a lot. There's a new-ish guy that's been there the last few weeks, called Nick, and he and I are apparently a match for each other in the amount we talk, how fast we talk, how much we laugh and they way that we sidetrack even ourselves in our conversations. Yay, someone else like me! The soups were pumpkin, and a tomato one with big noodles in it. Yum. Both were delicious.

I got home at 3am to find Troy sleeping in my bed as my grandmother is sleeping in the spare bed and he doesn't fit in the couch, which was a surprise but was ok, I just slept on the couch in a sleeping bag. I, on the other hand, am 5'0" and fit perfectly on a couch!

Tonight was Vespers, and afterwards we got dinner - felafel for the two guys, and a hamburger for me, which still feels weird, but I am supposed to be getting used to it, so I'm trying. Much laughter in the car too, except I am now supposed to be finding the envelopes to mail in my assignments and they're nowhere to be found. Ugh.

I've been stitching, too, especially on the borders and sky of peaceful paradise as I've had plenty of time. They're getting there. I got sick of blue and black so I filled in the red background on the flower ornament, and added some red letters with the leftover thread. Slowly, surely, it's getting there.

I have so many WIPs to slot into the focus space when I'm done with this one, but I'm trying not to think so much about that as I'm not even half done yet. Maybe when I'm half done I can start to think about it :)

Oh, and I bought a new scarf tonight for Church. I don't really like babushki scarves, and they never stay put, so I am always on the hunt for pretty rectangular ones that aren't too heavy. This one satisfies me on all counts:
Peach scarf 1

And it was cheaper than the yarn would have cost me if I were to make it myself! It reminds me of a very fine, sparkly fishing net. Troy thinks I look like a gypsy. Maybe I need to add nice big earrings, too?

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