Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A cooler day

The change came. Finally. We have set a record for the longest heatwave ever in my city now - 16 days of 35*C+ temperatures, most of them around 40*C. Ugh. Today is much more pleasant, currently about 26*.

I'm procrastinating, as usual. There is so much that needs doing and I feel overwhelmed, which is not the way to do things...bleh. It'll get sorted out I'm sure!

Sally and Chiasmata - thanks for your comments. As to being addicted to BAPs - yup! I know that, I seem to totally fail at picking small projects. That's why I have so many, this way I can swap around easily. Speaking of small-er projects, I'm thinking I might take JOB (which I love but has been driving me CRAZY because I can't get it to fit in my q-snaps up with me to Troy's parent's place, and get his dad (who is a carepenter) to make up a frame to stretch it on, like a canvas. I don't think it'd hurt it at all (he'd be good with it, his wife is a mad crafter and embroiderer) and it'd make me able to work on it, and get it done - it's been sitting partly started for ages. Again, I don't want more current WIPs, but I would like to know that it has the possibility of being worked on easily. Besides, it's not hard if it's on a frame like that to tuck it in my bag and stitch at appointments etc, or just put a length of thread in every now and then. And I'd really like to get it done! It's so pretty. Chatelaines are so annoyingly addictive :)

I've got this backlog of started projects too...I finally have a sort of 'STRIP' list, though it's hardly long. But I have found my rhythm - have a focus piece, and then a couple other pieces that I work on for a break. Mystery X only works as a focus piece, really, so I'll leave it be unless I get totally fed up with Peaceful Paradise or finish it - I've got a number of people on my back to finish this one SOON - but A Restful Night comes out to play sometimes, as do other things. JOB could happily be an 'other thing'. I don't really do rotations, but this works.

Here's the backlog of started things:
  • Japanese Octagon Box (parts 1 and 2 done of 12, sans beading and rhodes stitches)
  • Mystery X (about 50% done)
  • Tranquility Mystery Sampler (15% done?)
  • Historic Countries Sampler (1st part of 12 almost done)
  • The chatelaine if i get around to stitching it (not sure that I will, I don't really like smalls or have anything to do with them) (not started)
  • Noon Basking (a chunk done, maybe 20%?)
  • A Restful Night (about 55%)
  • White Musings, which I have a love-hate relationship with (the first few bands)
  • Dance of the Graces. (not even 5% yet, I learned I don't cope with more than one HAED at a time)
Ugh. And I love them all! I've also got Convents Herbal Garden and Nuts About Autumn kitted up, plus a zillion charts...

Oh well.

I should go do some work. I'll finish this length of thread and go tackle some math.

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Chiasmata said...

Wow, I don't blame you for taking it easy. That's one killer heatwave.

The frame sounds like a great idea for JOB. It's amazing how much difference a good frame can make.

Have fun with your math! :P