Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Okay, this year is going too fast. Where'd March go?

Goals...ahaha, the moment of truth. Uh...oh...

  • Peaceful Paradise: finish the final two pages for the first row and make a good start on two from the second. I'll grant this, as I haven't finished the sky on page 4 but got a stupid amount of border done on page 8.
  • A Restful Night: finish the next row, row 13. Well, I worked on it, but went cross country. So a bit hard to measure this one!
  • Finish Jo's gift lol, no. haven't picked it up. I'm terrible that way...
  • Make Jeremy's present See what i wrote about Jo's.
  • Learn to cook something nestissimo other than fassolada ANZAC biscuits, and quite a few other things. It's amazing how many decent vegan recipes there are.
  • Get to as many lenten services as possible Ohhhhh yeah. Five a week minimum for the past few weeks, and last Friday's was a vigil...oh, I love this time of year.
  • Buy all my chocolate before western Easter yep.
  • NOT EAT ANY well, I've been eating dark chocolate without milk in it. That's allowed in the fast. I cheated this afternoon, but that was actually necessary - there was chocolate to hand, and medically I was in serious need of a sugar hit or I was going to pass out.
  • Try not to be put out by not being able to eat chocolate with everyone else not as hard as it seemed, weirdly enough.
  • Keep up with schoolwork sorta.
This month...I don't really know what to set. So much is happening this month - Troy's birthday, my birthday, our baptism, holy week, pascha, anzac day, goodness knows what else...
I'll set a few, anyway.

  • Finish page 4's sky, and page 8 of Peaceful Paradise.
  • Make a good start on pgs 7 and 12
  • Get at least 4 10x10 blocks done on A Restful Night
  • Organise my stash, use the drawers I dug up from our hallway
  • 'kill' at least one clothing WIP
Church stuff:
  • survive Holy Week ;)
  • get baptised!
  • buy a new prayer rope and use it
  • remember to take scarves with me
  • keep going to a zillion and one services
  • eat healthily
  • hand in all my assignments
  • go to every class
  • actually do my math homework
  • learn to stop avoiding assignments
  • clean my room!

wow, that's a massive list. We'll see how I do.

I sewed Niki's niece's dress tonight, with her, my mum, and my grandmother's help. It STILL took five hours! Cute though, very worth it. My green dress is done too, with the exception of the hem. I'll fix that tomorrow, God-willing.

Dad seems to be enjoying Oxford, I got a very cool email from him tonight.

If I keep writing though, I'll start making less sense than usual. That's a scary thought. So here's an end to this post!

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Sally said...

I have no idea where March went! In fact I have no idea where the other months went either! Lol!

Good luck with your goals for this month.