Friday, September 07, 2007

Dressmaking again

Yep, its that time again. Mum and I went down to spotlight yesterday and bought 3m of a beautiful green fabric with white flowers embroidered on it, in one of the two shades of green in the world that I can wear. I am pleased. I can't, however, get a photo of it that shows the true colour. It's a springy pale green, and this is probably the best colour photo I have - Kringles decided that she wanted the fabric (my sister's neurotic but darling cat)
Kringles Claiming Fabric
Sorry about the random objects around it - I needed to get the photo before she saw the camera and freaked out - cameras are thing #329082910321 on the list of things Kringles is petrified of.

Here's a picture that shows the design, its just really dark:
Fabric for Green Dress

I'm making the purple dress I made a few months ago - remember this one?
look, a dress!

But as that was made in 100% cotton (which creases like mad but hangs nicely and is very cool - and cheap) this one will drape a bit differently, it's polyester. I'll be interested to see how it comes out. I'm also going to taper the skirt a bit, as the pattern just gives it as two rectangles - makes it very comfortable at the bottom, but bulky at the top.

My sister has also claimed a dress in potentia in this fabric (good thing there was still plenty on the roll when we left last night!) but I'm thinking I'll do a lined bodice with buttons down the front and no sleeves on that one. We'll see, I'm going to find a pattern if I can when I go to get more fabric but if all else fails I'll just modify this one.

I love dressmaking, and people keep suggesting that I do it professionally...I don't know. Maybe one day! I'd also like to make some skirt and top sets and stuff, and learn to make pretty blouses and things to wear with jeans. And maybe I'll tackle a denim skirt...denim just scares me. I really want a long denim skirt though, makes a change from jeans and I can wear all my jeans tshirts with it.

Anyway, back to it. I'll post photos at some point - either in progress, or at the end, depending on how long it takes me! The last one only took about 3hours total, so we'll see if I can beat that this time.


Rachel said...

That fabric is beautiful. There aren't very many shades of green that I can wear, so I feel your pain. I can wear jewel tone greens though, so that makes me happy. Wish I could wear sage green. I adore it.

Kathy said...

I love the fabric, its gorgeous. The purple Dress is lovely too.

Hugs xxxxxx