Monday, September 24, 2007

Not a bad day, all up

I got goal #1 done, and started on #5!

I sat down and worked through the first lesson, and it wasn't hard. I don't know that I took it all in, but I did get a lot of it and I can always go back to look at it later. It mostly involved the alphabet (which I already know), and transliterating into english characters. Easy enough stuff, but good practice for me as I was a bit rusty. The two passages that I had to translate characterwise were Genesis 1:1-4a from the Septuagint, and John 1:1-4. They correspond, it's beautiful :) Both starting with "En arche..." - "In the beginning..."

I copied out the vocab list for Lesson Two, but I'd had enough - my attention span was flagging. So I quit for the day, and I'll try again tomorrow.

As far as #5 is concerned, I tracked down a lot of the books, but have yet to buy them. On the other hand, Dad went into the Catholic (!!) bookstore in town and bought me 'The Orthodox Way' which was one of the books, along with another one by Metropolitan Kallistos and one I've never heard of which I'll ask Father about on Thursday. Mmmmm tasty books. Of the list, which he gave me an order to read them in, TOW was the first, so I'll sink my teeth into it. I usually read theological books twice - first I devour them, and second I read them slowly to get the gems out. I've started the first run, but not got very far yet. Maybe tomorrow :) I love books!

Dad's cousin John was here tonight, which was nice. It's both of their Name Day on Wednesday, which is kind of neat, and we had a chat about that, and he and Dad talked and I listened and stitched. Working on this TGOSM sampler still, I got a lot done on the skirt of my lady and most of the blue working on the top bordery bit. And some green on that too. I'm so close to finishing this half that I can taste it, and God-willing (and health permitting, though they're sort of the same thing sometimes) I will finish it off tomorrow and start the second one. It stitches up quick and easily, and that's nice. Definitely a change!

I got a message to tell me that my fabric for Dance of the Graces shipped today, which is good, and I've been in contact with my floss fairy. So hopefully soon I'll have the stuff and I can start it! I don't like that I'm not finishing things, but it's nice to have a bit of variety. Just six days left of the month now, less than a week. Scary thought, I'm not sure where this year has gone.

I'm also curious to see what the new parts of the Chatelaine and TGOSM mysteries are. The Chatelaine I have absolutely no idea on as we just finished up a section - a border maybe? TGOSM will be a country or culture, but all the same it's mysterious and I can't wait to find out!

I do think that I need a proper finish sometime soon though. So I'll have to get back into White Musings, and get it done, so that I can do a complete finish HD. I haven't had one in a long time!

I'm catching up with my godsister on Wednesday, we're going fabric and pattern shopping for this dress. That should be fun too! dressmaking project...also tasty. Which reminds me, I really should just grit my teeth and finish Bindi's dress. All it needs is the zip (why I'm procrastinating) and a hem, the hem being the easy bit. I need to sew the bodice back onto my green dress too, but that's less of a priority.

It will all happen, right?

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