Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've been really sick today - I woke up, fed the yowling cats, and crashed back into bed, and my body wasn't happy with me. About 11:30am I woke up again, this time with crazy muscle pain - I've been almost able to forget the fibromyalgia aspect recently...NOT today. Anyway, I got up deciding that I may as well grin and bear it, and found that someone I know online had sent me a link to a copy of the Akathist (a kind of hymn) to St Nectarios, which is here. Orthodox people often ask him to pray for us for healing, and my church is named after him! I had the spare time, so I thought - why not go through it? I got to the end, not expecting anything, but suddenly realised that the pain was gone, completely. Doxa to Theo - glory to God. It's still not back, though I'm starting to feel tired so my body is aching a little. Completely different though, which was very, very nice!

I've just had a lazy day. Troy and I watched Save the Last Dance this afternoon, and I stitched, and got a lot done on the TGOSM mystery, carrying on from where I left off yesterday. I've now got another row of four-sided stitch done, and a whole chunk of a block of queens stitches - solid queens stitch blocks! Very strange, but has a very awesome effect. I like it, an interesting texture, it's done in pink and a greeny-blue. The stag now has all four legs and a tail, and I'm working my way up his body towards his head. The whole sampler is stitching up very quickly, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's nice to know that I'm actually quite a fast stitcher - usually I do such intricate, colour changey things that I don't make a huge amount of visible progress - this it all comes together so quick and simply, and it looks great. I think I am going to enjoy this mystery!

With the mystery, I planned to do half of this section, then the other half, but I've got it centred on the Q-snaps and I'm reaching the edge-ish with the stag, so I'm going to have to move the Q-snaps to continue leftwards. I think what I'll do, if I don't have a reason to take the fabric off the snaps beforehand, is work as far left as I possibly can, and then when I run out of space work in the other direction until I need to move the snaps for some reason. The chart is pretty good though - more or less all the motifs are on one page, so there's no real reason to swap across pages much. I'm going to do as much on this page as I can before swapping though, it will just keep it simple.

Ive got church tomorrow, though I forgot to ask Jeremy which service we're going I'll just get up and ready as if it were the one we need to be ready at 8 for, and if he comes an hour later he comes an hour later. Troy will just play his computer game and I can stitch for an hour, no problem.

I have to link to an awesome WIP of Chatelaine's MX that is actually caught up, too - here! It's Margit's from the yuku board, and I'm so, so looking forward to getting mine caught up to this point. Its 3/4 done, and I love the weeping willow trees - the whole thing is just incredible, I'm so glad I'm stitching it.

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