Friday, September 14, 2007

No Title Tonight

I can't think of one. So, none it will be!

I've been a bad blogger recently. Mostly because since Monday morning I've had no internet, being at my grandmother's house. Nine hours away, and she doesn't have a computer from this century, let alone the internet...her computer was purchased in 1995, and she's yet to upgrade!

I got a package that I thoroughly enjoyed opening last week, lots of beautiful Dinky Dyes silks for the new TGOSM mystery sampler. Which I promptly went to Spotlight and bought fabric (at a stupid price) for. I couldn't get enough for the chatelaine as well, as there wasn't enough on the roll, but when I finish up this month's part on the sampler (I'm determined to stay up to date on this one) I'll tack outlines for the pieces that I can fit on the piece I got and I'll buy some more when I need it. This months chatelaine piece is nice and small - a clover cutter case, so I'm not too worried about it, but I'm going to try and keep up with the chatelaine each month too.

For those who don't get TGOSM (and should, it's awesome and cheap!) the twelve parts of the sampler each focus on a different culture/country's style of needlework and history. There's a big article with information on it all, and then a chunk of the sampler. This month's is Germany, and gorgeous. My Dad likes it, because it's a lot like what my Grandmother (his Mum) used to stitch. The central motif in this section is a heart with flowers growing out of it, with two stags either side and then other motifs beyond that - borders, and a couple in court dress on the left, with more borders and a man carrying grapes on the right. Add to that some sections of specialty stitches, and snowflakes at the bottom, and it's very pretty.

So far I have the flowers done, part of one stag, half of a blackwork section (flowers, very pretty), a section of algerian eyelets done in two colours and a band of four-sided stitch done in white. It looks great - no pictures yet as I have no camera, my sister took it with her away for the weekend. I'm looking forward to the other parts!

I worked on my other pieces a little while I was away, but mostly on this.

I was over with my grandmother since we had to visit my grandfather (on the other side, two died a few years ago)'s house to collect up the last few things before we sold it. Finally. Long story, which I won't go into here. Anyway, I got some fantastic books on dressmaking (including some that show, really clearly, how to make your own patterns), a dryer, a tv cabinet, and a TV!! It's quite big, too, and it is going to live at Troy's house until we get married as the house currently has no TV, and we've got one here. I also got some random pots and pans, and a steamed pudding basin, and a little baby saucepan for making chai with. In return I did a bit of cleaning, and kept my aunt company.

We went to visit my great uncles and aunt as well, which was enjoyable - I love visiting them, they have a farm with one of the classic Australian stone houses, with the kitchen separate from the house so as not to heat it up in summer, etc. My great aunt is wonderful, a grand old country lady, so we have lemonade and tea and cakes and sandwiches and.... whenever we go to visit her. Dad played guitar and sang with my great uncles (who used to be in high demand when they sang with my grandfather at country shows, dances and rodeos back in the day) and then I jumped in and Dad and I sang a Carpenters song. If we'd had the music we would have sung stuff by The Seekers...shame, I love that stuff, it's what my voice naturally likes.

We came back yesterday, and I went from the car trip straight to Jeremy's work, where I got changed and we went to church for Divine Liturgy as today is a feast in the church - The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. So we had the DL, which was beautiful, but different - I'm not used to the differences on feast days yet, and I got a stalk of blessed geranium from the wreath that the Cross was laid on during the Liturgy. It's now in water in my room, and I plan to plant it when I get the chance. We had a study afterwards, and got fed, and came home.

I've been sick today though. It's been sneaking up on me, and then today it decided to sink its teeth in. I'm not enjoying it, but it'll pass.

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