Friday, May 02, 2008

I've been wearing white since Saturday

...and I've yet to get really grubby :) I am thoroughly pleased with myself! I know that now I'll end up tipping spaghetti sauce in my lap for saying that tomorrow, but oh well.

It's kind of fun wearing the white. I got over being self conscious, and now it's just - fun! It's saying YES I am wearing white, for a reason! I wore my caramel winter coat over it all tonight because I needed it, but other than and my shoes I'm in white from head to toe - including the wide white bow at the top of my braid, because I felt like wearing one. My shoes are the ones Nona Niki gave me for my baptism and they match my coat.

I had a quiet day. I made butter cream frosting for the cupcakes I made for Jeremy's name day (which was today - Thursday) which means it was the feast of the Saint he was named for, in his case the Prophet Jeremiah. We celebrate them roughly the way other people celebrate birthdays, but often celebrate birthdays in a lower key way. Mine's not until July, but it'll be fun when we get there! I also did some cleaning, some homework (more about that later) and pottered about a bit. Troy came up in the afternoon and that distracted me somewhat, and we went out tonight to grab a few things for Jeremy as a gift, and caught a train to meet Jo.

Jeremy is one of those people who is impossible to buy gifts for, so we took a different tack. What do kids who don't know what to give their [god]father's buy? Socks and hankies and chocolate, right? So, we grabbed a pack of hankies, a pack of socks, a block of nice chocolate and I wrote him a note saying
'Dear Νονός [godfather], in the long honoured tradition of children who do not know what to buy their fathers for gifts, we bought you useful stuff. Χρόνια Πολλά Νονός! [many years godfather] -- Troyadios and Kyriaki. '
I then wrapped it up (badly) in green tissue paper and wrote his name on it in black texta, and we gave it to him at fellowship tonight. He laughed, and so did everyone else :) I'm going to finish his bible case and give it to him when I'm done, I just need to stop being such a perfectionist. I'm looking at it now and it looks fine, I need to calm down and stop worrying about it already! It took me ages of hunting through my DMC to find the shade of red I was looking for, but I did. It glows nicely on the black.

As far as schoolwork is concerned, it has been eating my life. The other day I realised that I had a backlog that looked something like this:

  • four week's worth of math exercises
  • two biographies for history
  • a supervised essay for history
  • a different essay for history that was due ...a couple months ago...
  • a stupid amount of history noting from dvds and textbooks
  • and a bunch of tv watching and noting for studies of societies.
Doesn't look like a big deal. Believe me, it is.

So far though I've got done:
  • two weeks (ish) of math exercises
  • the biographies
  • the tv watching and noting in rough form
This week I need to:
  • sort out the two history essays ASAP
  • finish the maths and do this week's work as well
  • write good copy of the s.o.s. notes
  • write 500 words on whether they correlate with real world data (hint: they really really don't)
  • do at least some of the noting for history
As well as that, I have a to do list of other things, like:
  • finish the stitching on Jeremy's bible case, including his initials
  • finally get around to finishing part 3 of JOB (I am SOO CLOSE but I didn't touch it today)
  • make more ANZAC biscuits
  • smile when they get demolished by the family (I smiled very widely when they got snaffled up by Jo and Jeremy tonight)
  • start reading the Bible cover to cover now that I have a decent translation of the OT (with all the canonical books)
  • give Pater my old protestant Bible as he wants the commentary for comparison purposes
  • try desperately to clean my room!
  • think about getting a kitten
  • dress 'Manda up for winter (Felicity and Julie are already rugged up and warm, as well as they can be, Lissie looks so cute in her cloak holding a lantern)
  • start plotting a new photostory for her either on Orthodox as an intro or more to do with Australia
  • box up more books to clear them out of my room
  • get ruthless and get rid of a lot of the junk in my room
  • get rid of the candles that are in a drawer and make me sick whenever I open the drawer, I don't care how sentimentally attached I am to them
  • try to sort out ordering my new icons
  • try to get some work done on Bindi's dress again so it's DONE and out of the way
Hoo boy.

It's the beginning of the month, which is the time I often make goals. I'll do them in another post though. Stay tuned...

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