Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've mentioned before that Sundays in my world are mental, right?

I love Sundays. Heh, my name day once a week. Kyriaki is the Greek word for Sunday, just for those who don't get that pun. It literally means 'belongs to the Lord'. Yup, that's me!

Sunday...hoo boy. I got woken up by my mum cleaning the bathroom noisily at about 9ish, but since I had to get up at 9:20 anyway that wasn't too bad. Got up, got dressed, fed the 'totally starving' cats who had just brought in a (alive) rat, and helped Mum make sandwiches for the people my parents were going to sail with - it was a race today and my Mum's cousin's daughter (whew!) has a yacht that a group of them sail on. Weird to be making food I can't eat, but hey Sundays are like that. At least I wasn't starving hungry today, which I usually am on Sundays despite the fact that I never eat breakfast normally.

Jeremy picked me up and we went to Church. No Troy, as he was at our other Church (not that I knew that), but lots of other people and the generally rowdy fun group :) Sunday of the Samaritan Woman today, which was good. Photini's not!name-day - Photini is the traditional name of the Samaritan Woman in the Orthodox Church. Baby Photini didn't care :) Jeremy's godfather and Jeremy were being sneaky about something that has to do with me in Arabic - talking about me behind my front of me. Sneaky, sneaky. Stupid people who speak Arabic, lol. My spoken Arabic (okay pretty much everything except what I know from Church, and even that is suspect) is appalling, and I don't really mind. It was just funny. We grabbed kransky's from the bakery and I plonked myself down at Jeremy's kitchen table to do a summative for history that I'm way behind on (source analysis on the Whitlam gov't, easy) while he mowed the driveway, because normal people do that... (there's a strip of grass in the middle of their driveway). He went off and did his latin homework (third year Latin at Uni, some people are mental (and speak too many languages)) and I sat on the couch and read a book. Interesting book. I read it years ago (and shouldn't have, I was too young to 'get it' and it gave me weird ideas), then again more recently (and got annoyed by the people who espoused it because they tend to be on the lunatic fringe a bit with relation to this issue) and finally again today. I should give up having opinions - I'd commented on it to Jeremy a few weeks back, and ended up eating my words. Sigh. Again.

Finally, Jeremy dropped me at Jo's before dinner at Church while he went to get Troy and met us there. Jo and I chatted about the latest thing to happen explodey in my life, which she understands but I am not blogging about yet, and we went to dinner...which was in grand modern Greek style. Lots of people, music, food, and friends. And a yiayia sitting next to me determined to make me eat about twice what I would usually. I love yiayias. Lots of random stuff happened tonight, but I think most of it only works if you were there.

Had a really good chat with Jeremy in the car, too, tonight. That helped. I had a lot that needed to be talked out and Jeremy's good for that. More explodey-thing-ness.

And now I'm home. And it's cold. And I think I'm going to go to bed and read some book, and sleep.

best quotes from Jeremy in the car (well that come to mind, and don't specifically address explodey-ness) tonight:
k: most days i'm okay with [my illness, and kind of being in limbo], but sometimes I yell at walls
j: don't yell at walls. They don't talk back. Yell at God, maybe then you'd get an answer.
k: Job did that [Jeremy cuts her off]
j: yep
k: and got YELLED AT.
j: yes. And maybe you'd learn something. [Goes on to paraphrase God's response to Job, somewhat hilariously]
k:....ok, maybe you have a point.

The second one I can't remember exactly so here's the paraphrase:
"you have tomorrow, planned. you're going to get your work done, what you can. and you've got a goal for this year - finish year twelve. stop worrying about the future, and being annoyed that you're in 'limbo', you only feel that way because you're not where you want to be (and you don't even know where that IS) and you don't like it."
[kyriaki bites her lip]

"live tomorrow, live day to day, and trust God. Is that such a radical idea? don't worry about the future, you might die tomorrow. and then it'd all be a waste of time"

I've mentioned before that I love Jeremy, right? I have such a wonderful churchfamily.

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Juvenali said...

You are so silly. Sundays really are awesome. I lighted a candle for you today. :) Just thought you might like to know that.