Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blue sky

My sky's blue, my hands ache (but in a satifying way) and I'm exhausted. Sounds like life these days. But it's okay.

I cut out and sewed my edwardian skirt yesterday. Dark, soft denim. It came out beautiful! I've just pinned the hem, not sewn it (and it's a deep hem - 5", for weight) but it already looks lovely. Providing the hem gets sewn before I leave tonight (4:25 unless my mum manages to pick me up to take me to the train station a bit later) I'm going to wear it when I go. I also grabbed some flannelette to make a petticoat while I was at the habadashery store (we still have a little, old fashioned one here, I love it and I love the lady who runs it who always helps me out). I looked at the rolls on the wall and thought - I could do boring and plain...but who's going to see it? So I picked this cute fabric, white with blue and purple flowers all over it. Really pretty. I had a petticoat pattern, not that you really need a pattern for petticoats, so I cut it and sewed it up and it took about fifteen minutes from start to finish. Just a bit more warmth under my skirts, and with tights I should stay quite warm. So now I have another good dressy casual skirt. It's cut with pleats at the back - so it trains behind a little. I love it! I cut it 'walking length' though, so it's above my shoes.

I'll take photos of the petticoat fabric (you're not seeing the actual thing - I don't know why it matters but it does!) and my skirt later, when the hem's done. If I can get someone to take a photo of me wearing it I will.

Nothing much interesting is happening, but that's okay. Live one day at a time and enjoy what I have. On the sewing WIP pile is my sister's medieval dress (which really needs finishing), another (much simpler) skirt for me, and the bias binding on my apron.

I'm in a stitching slump at the moment for those who haven't noticed - I put a stitch in occasionally, but I'm just not in the mood at the moment. And that's okay.

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