Tuesday, May 27, 2008

...and watch me walk, I can walk...

I'm exhausted due to yesterday, which isn't suprising but is frustrating.

So, today has just been slow. My back aches, especially, and my wrists again. But this too will pass.

I discovered the joys of the iTunes store today and got Across the Universe's soundtrack, and the oldskool Godspell soundtrack too. Promptly burned copies for inside while I'm stitching/cooking/sewing, and for the car. Both are good singalong cds as evidenced by my family tonight!

I haven't really done anything today, but the fatigue is to blame for that. I really need my mondays, or I get sick. God willing I'll be a bit better tomorrow.

I drove up and back to get my sister tonight, after eating fish and chips and watching Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (which is just as wonderful as its name - clean, sweet, fun), and when I got home I tallied my driving minutes and found I have 340min of night driving - I need 600, so that's more than half. Woohoo! I also have 2010 all up, and need 3000 all up. I'm doing alright there. I'll get my license soon enough.

I am trying to live day to day again. It doesn't always work, but I try.

I forgot to add this photo I took during class (shh!) of my setup for maths by correspondence.
A Maths Lesson

The open book with binder holes is my "study guide", aka the equivalent of my teacher's whiteboard :) Not having to take notes is kind of cool, though we note on the study guide itself, h ence hte pencil. My textbook is just peeking out from under that, though we don't use it much in class, mostly for homework exercises, the green and black book is the graph book I work in, and the red book is a study guide from the previous topic, which we refer to occasionally.
On the screen is the 'whiteboard' for my class - if the teacher wants to work out a different example or do it slowly for the class from what's in the study guide, he does it there. It's through the net and I don't quite get it, but it's fun. My teacher has really messy handwriting!
The view is out the back of our house - that garden bed behind the wall has a lemon and a mandarin tree in it that you can't see, and the blue thing is part of the trampoline. This room has lovely big windows, which is very nice in the sun (they face south, so they get the sun at an angle) but cold at night. The computer is an old, slow, powermac G4, but it does the job while I don't have a computer. It's actually got a better screen for whiteboarding than my laptop.
Weird setup, but it works. I only have one maths lesson a week though, and most of the time I do my homework in bed or at the kitchen table.

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