Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another weekly update, I suppose

Funny, I used to post every day, sometimes more than once a day. Not living life with a computer constantly next to me now, it's less of a common thing to do. I suppose.

What's happened this week? Mostly life has just pottered on. Tuesday I just about did nothing, aside from having my lesson, I was still feeling sick, and that hung around for most of the week. My sister came home from hospital Wednesday afternoon-ish, and then Mum and I went to Spotlight (think Michaels et al) to get fabric for an apron for me, and a denim skirt. Specifically, this apron:

and this skirt:

The apron is in a light creamy brown with a tiny white design on it, and the skirt is soft, dark denim. The apron is now 95% done with the exception of the bias binding for the back straps and the side belt, and hemming the back and bottom. It's really pretty, and very...well, not girly. Feminine, but no ruffles. I am not into ruffles, except on petticoats :) Skirt is in the process of being marked out on the fabric, haven't cut it out yet. It'll happen, and my hands are aching from sewing the apron up. Self-fabric bias binding is IRRITATING but looks really good.

Thursday...Thursday I spent cutting out patterns and doing schoolwork, and Thursday night was our usual study and fellowship. I got forbidden to be a nun anytime in the next six months by my I was planning on it? At least he was kidding, mostly! Everyone keeps joking (or more weirdly, actually THINKING) that I'm going to be a nun. Orthodox monasticism is mental. Wonderful, but mental. Why does everyone think I'm cut out for it??? I don't see myself, being myself, in the black robes of a nun. But I suppose they're allowed to say it...

Yesterday was quiet again, mostly just sewing and planning next week, and I read the last of the Emily books by LM Montgomery - I read them about once a year, and they're wonderful. I've also rediscovered the prayers of The Hours, and am loving them.

Today was equally quiet (I never have anything interesting to write), and apart from going shopping with my parents for practical things and helping to plant some trees this afternoon (a row of acacias (native ones) in our front yard as a hedge) nothing much happened during the day. Tonight though - Jeremy had to chant for a wedding, so couldn't take us to Vespers, but my parents are sailing tomorrow in a race, so they thought they might come to Vespers with me Saturday night (tonight) so that they got to church once in the Jeremy said, "God finds a way". They hadn't been to Vespers with me, though Dad had experienced it once in Greek, in Oxford when he was in England a while back (and loved it). They liked it, a lot. I love Vespers, it's just...oh I can't explain. Just wonderful.

We came home, but somehow started singing the songs from Godspell in the Mum dug out her tape from a 1975 performance and we were happily singing along while we made spaghetti for dinner, and watched the Eurovision semifinal.

Now I'm just waiting out tonight. It's too early to sleep, or I might go to bed. Time passes, it'll change. Tomorrow's Sunday, and I love Sundays - with a name like Kyriaki, how could I not? :)


Karan said...

Glad to know your DSis is home - hope she's doing OK. :0)
The apron & skirt will look great. Wish I could make things like that but am a disaster when it comes to sewing machines! LOL

Juvenali said...

Godspell huh? Man it's been a long time since I heard that music. (Goes and downloads the soundtrack) :)

I am praying for you.