Saturday, May 31, 2008

I finally have photos!

My sister's the artistic type, so none of these are normal photos. But they give you the general idea.

At the computer
First, here's an 'action shot' - my sister walked in while I was sitting at the computer. You can just see the toes of my boots poking out underneath my skirt - it's that long! The boots have 2" heels by the way.

Just me
Here's the top of the skirt. This photo makes me look really really skinny. Scary. I am not unhealthily thin, I just look it in photos like this!

Edwardian skirt side
Here's from the side with my jacket on, I hadn't realised that it doesn't make for good photos of the skirt with it on!

Side photo
The side panels of the skirt

Front photo
The front of the skirt

Skirt from the back
And the best photo - the back. There's pleats either side of the centre, and it's slightly longer in back to form a kind of train.

Underskirt fabric
Finally, I promised you a picture of the underskirt/petticoat fabric - isn't it pretty? I love the flowers.

Sorry for those of you who are getting this twice - I clicked publish too soon. When my parents get back from elsewhere I'll get a normal photo or two, but for now these will have to do.

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