Friday, May 02, 2008

Goals for May

Yep, 'bout that time. Speaking of the time, please noone look at the timestamp. I'm avoiding sleep for some reason.

First, here's last month's recap:

  • Finish page 4's sky, and page 8 of Peaceful Paradise. Nope. I got sidetracked when I left the chart in Abouna's office and haven't got back into it since
  • Make a good start on pgs 7 and 12 See above, though I did start part 12
  • Get at least 4 10x10 blocks done on A Restful Night Heh. No.
  • Organise my stash, use the drawers I dug up from our hallway I actually did organise some, and the drawers are now in use. But falling apart. Maybe I'll get some new ones soon?
  • 'kill' at least one clothing WIP Wishful thinking. Nope.
Church stuff:
  • survive Holy Week ;) Oh yes, wonderfully so.
  • get baptised! YES!
  • buy a new prayer rope and use it Yes, and got given one, so there's a black one with a gold bead in my bible case and a black one with a purple bead on my wrist
  • remember to take scarves with me Yes, most of the time.
  • keep going to a zillion and one services Oh yes. This week has been 'downtime' a bit, partly because we haven't asked and partly because I don't think anyone would have let me go to anything beyond the normal services. Smart.
  • eat healthily Trying. Failing. Trying more.
  • hand in all my assignments Getting there
  • go to every class Yes
  • actually do my math homework Catching up!
  • learn to stop avoiding assignments Or not.
  • clean my room! Working on it. Slowly I'm putting things away in boxes to move out of my room when we take the furniture out and rip out the carpet, and that's helping.

So, this month.

  • finish part 3 of JOB
  • make a good start on part 4
  • work some more on peaceful paradise
  • finish Jeremy's gift, start another one for whoever's next in line
  • enjoy the paschal season
  • attend church whenever i can
  • start reading the old testament again, cover to cover this time
  • buy at least an icon of St Kyriaki, and as many others as I want/can afford that are on my list
  • try and actually keep my Rule most of the time
  • drag myself out of bed for morning prayers at least some of the time
  • Make biscuits that aren't ANZACs
  • Make biscuits that ARE ANZACs
  • Make dinner at least four times in the month
  • Nag Mum to get the magazines photocopied so i can put recipes in binders
  • Finish boxing up the bookshelf, box up that side of my room/corner between that and the desk
  • Put desk drawers contents into boxes after rationalising them
  • Sleep more often!

That'll do, I think.

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