Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I don't think the weather is helping

It's cold and grey, and my mood is kind of reflecting that. I've eaten a lot of chocolate today.

I've got another week behind on my math, now, and I need to sort out this s.o.s. work tonight, especially clearing up what needs doing on an assignment i get to resubmit tomorrow with my mum. I haven't got anything better to be doing, yet I'm staying in bed wasting time. I gave myself a reprieve from the no-internet thing last week, but not tomorrow. I need something to kick me into doing something productive and not letting the internet eat my life.

I am also so tired. But Psalm 67 (68 nonorthodox) will be read tonight, and we'll see how we go. Psalms are good for making me feel better, most of the time! I need a proper rule that says you will go to bed by this time or else. It'll be midnight at the latest that I'll be on the net tonight anyway and that will probably help.

Maybe I should get up and do some stitching, I never have any motivation to do so but once I'm working I'm happier. Maybe :)

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