Thursday, May 08, 2008

Picture and other fun stuff

Hey look, Kyri has another photo. Maybe it's two in two days to make up for none for a month!
7th March

This time I took the photo on the q-snaps. I haven't worked on anything beyond the area of my qsnaps recently, and this saves me having to figure out my tension again, and also means you get closeups. The photos a bit washed out, but it's not bad. Mostly I've got grass done tonight, but I am proud of getting the box around the in-text sheep done and the stems of the flowers down on the grass.

I'm so tired...I need sleep. Before I go, here's a wonderful quote by St John of Kronstadt (lived only a few hundred years ago) on illness:
"Bear any illness bravely, and do not merely not become despondent, but on the contrary, rejoice, if you can, in your illness. You would ask me what there is for you to rejoice at when you are racked all over with pain? Rejoice that the Lord has sent you this temporary chastisement in order to cleanse your soul from sins. 'For whom the Lord loves He chastens' (Heb. 12:6). Rejoice in the fact that now you are not gratifying those passions which you would have gratified had you been in good health; rejoice that you are bearing the cross of sickness, and that therefore you are treading the narrow and sorrowful way leading to the kingdom of heaven. Maladies in our eyes only appear painful, unpleasant and terrible. It is seldom that any one of us during the time of sickness represents to himself the profit which his illness brings to his soul; but in God's all wise and most merciful Providence, not a single malady remains without some profit to our soul. Sicknesses in the hands of Providence are the same as bitter medicines for our soul, curing its passions, its bad habits and inclinations. Not a single malady sent to us shall return void. Therefore, we must keep in view the utility of sicknesses, in order that we may bear them more easily and more calmly."
Just beautiful. Now...try try and live it...

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Sally said...

You know everytime I see this piece I like it more and more and you are doing a fantastic job.