Monday, May 05, 2008

I think the name for this is despondency

I've spent the day in bed so far. I just...can't get out of bed. Partly it's because my sleepy cycle is messed up, because I've been staying up late for no reason, and who knows what the other part is. I've been eating a lot of chocolate, too.

We had Church yesterday, our last day in white. That was fun...Jeremy got me to read the pre-communion prayers (the short ones that we read in Church) which I started to read softly and got told LOUDER! So praying I wouldn't mess it up I swapped into the voice I've learned through Lent reading psalms and prayers from the chanter's desk, but that was easier as there was noone in the Church when I was reading. I got to the end and just about fell over, my heart was beating so fast. One of these days I'll get over my fear of public speaking, but for now...Pater would say it keeps me humble :) People told me I read well though, which was nice.

Jeremy brought me home and we picked up lebanese pizza on the way, and then he was having dinner with his cousins (who live near me) that night so he hung around and did some latin homework. I helped with vocab, mispronouncing some things but not all, and sat stitching on Peaceful Paradise. I kept working on it through the Logies (tv awards), and have a lot more border done along with more text, most of a tiny flying angel in the scene at the bottom and some more grass, among other things. It's fun, and I'm enjoying working on it again.

Nothing interesting is on tv tonight, so insh'Allah I'll get an early night and see if that helps some. Maths is tomorrow so I might try and catch some up after dinner, and hopefully swing back into doing work properly again tomorrow.

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