Saturday, May 03, 2008


It's the seventh day of wearing white, seventh day after my baptism. And I'm still sitting here muttering Psalm 50. Maybe I thought baptism would change things - and it did, but it hasn't made me perfect by any stretch. It's not that I thought it would, but wishful thinking always comes.

I slept most of yesterday, and the last night set things up as my sister had pre- formal (the big dance of senior year, we only really have one dance a year) drinks at our house, which also served as a gathering point for those riding in the hired limousine. So while she and my mum were out sorting out her hair and makeup, I cut up vegies, tidied the bathroom, and did bits and pieces around the house until they got home, a few minutes before the first guests got there! The girls looked beautiful and the guys sharp, and everyone including their parents drunk champagne/fake champagne with or without orange juice and strawberries :) One of the bottles was Riccadonna which I happen to love and tastes wonderful with orange juice though my mum says that's sacrilege! Yummm...

People gone, we went to feed sister's pony and shared a bowl of pasta at a favourite cafe near our house, bought a tub of chocolate icecream (for me, i've been craving it since Lent began) and rented a Midsummer Night's Dream, which we gave a running commentary on as we watched it. At 11ish we went to rescue cinderella and her prince before they turned into pumpkins, and took them to their friend's house where they watched movies and stayed over. And came home, mum going to bed and me staying up. I seem to have an aversion to going to sleep at the moment which I need to fix because it exhausts me in the morning.

Today should be quiet. I need to get some schoolwork done, we'll see. It's cold, and slow, but I have Vespers tonight and that will be wonderful :)

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