Monday, May 19, 2008

I should post

I still don't have my laptop, but there's a computer in our study which I've been borrowing on occasion. I need to start rationing how much I get on here, too though.

I'm basically addicted to the internet, and waste an incredible amount of time on here. That's not a good thing, you might have, my laptop's elsewhere until I try and get a handle on this and don't keep staying up until 4am on the net. *nods*

I really haven't had that interesting a week. Here's what *did* happen:
  • It rained. A lot. This is not normal for my city recently, and a total novelty. Except that the total change in weather conditions made my fibro play up...sigh. It's pretty cool though.
  • Tuesday night was a lecture at the (lone) russian Church in my city, which happens to be totally beautiful. I wish I could find the website, I know I've seen it, and it had pictures of the inside. Woooowwwww... The outside's gorgeous too, beautiful painted domes above the white church. The priest did a moleben (short prayer service) and then the lecture was on Scripture and Tradition. A lot of fun, and a chance for me to wear the scarf my godmother gave me for my baptism and I keep forgetting to wear!
  • Thursday night was our usual study group night, and we had a lot of fun - as usual. Pater did Compline at 9 (one of the perks of having a monk-priest is that you get to do the Hours sometimes) and then we got sent home, except a few of us met for a minute or so to plan Sunday
  • Saturday was boring, but then we had Vespers and I wore a zillion layers and still froze. Tights, leggings, jeans, an underskirt, an overskirt (both full length), an undershirt, long sleeved overshirt, cardigan, jacket, and a double thickness velvet cloak over it all. And I was STILL cold. Thankfully, Presbytera (the priest's wife) was too, so it wasn't just me being crazy. And Jo came, which was awesome. Jo's great.
  • Sunday. Hoo boy. Early to Church to talk to Abouna before the service, then the service itself - I read the Epistle (eek, but cool!) which was from Acts and among other things detailed raising St Tabitha/Dorcas from the dead. She's the patron Saint of dressmakers and tailors, for those who didn't know, and I like her. We got KFC and manoushi (lebanese bread with zatar (herbs and lemon juice) and sesame seeds on it) for lunch which was an interesting combination, but fun. The afternoon was spent cutting vegies/octopus/squid, talking, cuddling the adorable Photini-baby and being generally mad. And eating far too much food. Jo's mum brought a bunch of homemade buttery, flakey pita bread...oh wow. There should be a law against that stuff, it's so good and I ate so much I felt sick. All that cut up food got cooked, and we served it in the form of baba ghanoush (eggplant dip), laksa, green curry, two other kinds of dip, a LOT of pita bread, rice, salad and goodness knows what else. Niko's wife made the best kataifi I've ever eaten, too, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable dinner when we all got to sit down and eat after feeding our guests. And then we cleaned up. I was so tired that in the car Dmitri (who took us home) commented that I sounded like I had had too much to drink, speaking slow and slurring my words a bit.
  • My sister is just...not having a good run. She had an endoscopy on Tuesday to see how the coeliac disease is going, then on wednesday she ran into a fence on her horse, friday she had a doc's appt to get the results from tuesday (which were good, praise God), but then made toffee and spilled some on her thumb...third degree burns. She did all the right things with ice water, and we went down to school to get her then back and in the opposite direction to the doctor, who sent us back down the hill again and further to the hospital for the burns unit. Who told her to look after it this weekend and come back Monday morning. She's now in there for a week, having surgery to put a skin graft on it tomorrow. Poor thing! It's weird going to visit her as we have to gown up. We plan to take her some fake flowers to brighten things up, if we're allowed. No real flowers allowed.
And now it's almost midnight and I should go to bed. But I thought I'd let you guys know how I'm going, and update on my life.

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Karan said...

Hope the grafts take well & your DSis starts feeling much better soon. Hope you are getting some rest in there too! Take care. :0)