Sunday, May 11, 2008

I got a lot more stitching done

but you'll have to wait for a photo. I really can't be bothered, it's late and I still haven't said the pre-communion prayers. Bad Kyriaki. Mm, Κυριακή. Much cooler in Greek. Still bad.

I'll make this quick but I wanted to get something down.
Friday was my 'something due' day - I went to school with Mum so I could get a supervisor, and wrote an 'in-class' (ie, unseen paper, write for an hour under supervised conditions, no books) essay for History, which was interesting. In the study for it, I learned that the main square of my city was originally intended to have a cathedral on it! That didn't eventuate though, we have a few cathedrals (including one pseudo-orthodox one) but none of them are there. Essay got written, there was no set word limit so I wrote three and a half pages handwritten. I hope it was enough :) It was on reasons why people came here and continue to come here to live. I had a lovely lady come up to me and inform me that God doesn't want anyone sick and if I just had enough faith... hoo boy. I grew up charismatic, lady, but nope, not buying that line! Been there, done that, God does NOT work like that. Daniel told me I should have just called her a heretic and been done with it, but I'd rather educate people than make them mad. So, very softly, slowly, calmly, I explained to her how soul and faith destroying it can be, and that it's not up to us to decide God's timing. I get very, very quiet when I get mad. I'd forgotten just how much...
Besides that, I got a lot of stitching done on Peaceful Paradise, mostly grass, and read a chunk more of my current theological book and wrote down a bunch of questions. Fun stuff.

Today (Saturday) was slow. We really didn't do anything all day, and then I went out, caught the train and went to meet Jeremy. He was late, but so was my train, and I'd left my phone home. Oops! Kyriaki being neurotic I waited, then rang Troy's mobile to find out Jeremy's mobile number, and called him...just as he turned up there. I felt stupid, but we're all used to Kyri being neurotic so that's nothing new!
We went to this yc meeting, which was as frustrating as usual, and then we had to leave early (also as usual) to run to Vespers. Hopefully what we said had some impact but we're not sure. Ten minutes (officially, only really five) late for Vespers we parked, and pelted along the path and up the steps, Kyri frantically yanking her shawl up from her shoulders to her head. Paused momentarily to genuflect and cross myself (the guys bow but I don't, I know if I did I wouldn't get up again some days), and dashed inside, kissing the icons in the narthex quickly before trying not to run to my pew. Daniel laughed at me. We didn't miss much though, thankfully. I love Vespers. "Now that we have come to the setting of the sun, and seen the evening light..."

We talked to Fr John after, which was fun, then grabbed noodles for dinner, and went to help Jo with something she didn't need our help with. She invited us to her place for coffee, which is never just coffee with the Greeks - we got fed again, and then finally after chatting for ages and watching the football (we least it was close) we came home. Jeremy is crazy, and knows the Lord's prayer and half the Creed in Greek, and was reciting it as he drove me home. Translating the copy of the Divine Liturgy that I have in Greek is fun, we pick out the words we know and figure out where we're up to.

Now though it's cold and I'm not feeling well. That's not a good thing. I do not want to get sick again. I really don't.

Oh! Before I go, the lovely RAK Faery gifted me something! Iris Keeper Storykeep (bookmark) from HAED. This particular faery was Sally, who is wonderful.
Here's my pretty:

From here.

It looks like fun. Someone is trying to enable me to start it, but I'm going to be good at least for the time being. We'll see how long that lasts...


Sally said...

So pleased you like your RAK. It was difficult to choose as your wish list is huge! LOL! I won't try and persuade you to start it, I promise:)

Karan said...

Wow - gorgeous gift! I so hope you give in & start this soon Kyri 'cos I want to see what it looks like stitched. :0)

Tash said...

the following subliminal message is brought to you by tash

***start it***
***start it***
***start it***