Monday, June 02, 2008

Goals and stuff

I don't want to look at these, this month has been weird and I've been in a slump for a couple weeks. Yuck. But lets see...I'm in a down mood and maybe doing something will help.

  • finish part 3 of JOB Nope, actually haven't touched it
  • make a good start on part 4 see above
  • work some more on peaceful paradise This, I achieved.
  • finish Jeremy's gift, start another one for whoever's next in line nope. sigh.
  • enjoy the paschal season very much so :)
  • attend church whenever i can *nods*
  • start reading the old testament again, cover to cover this time I've read some, I'm not being very disciplined with such things. Not good.
  • buy at least an icon of St Kyriaki, and as many others as I want/can afford that are on my list Still haven't done this, I'm not sure why.
  • try and actually keep my Rule most of the time
  • drag myself out of bed for morning prayers at least some of the time Some of the time. I usually spend the first few hours of the day adjusting to not being well because my body seems to forget overnight.
  • Make biscuits that aren't ANZACs Nope. Again, not sure why not.
  • Make biscuits that ARE ANZACs see above
  • Make dinner at least four times in the month I don't remember, but I know I made it at least twice and I think more than that.
  • Nag Mum to get the magazines photocopied so i can put recipes in binders well, we have a few photocopied, but no binder. it'll happen.
  • Finish boxing up the bookshelf, box up that side of my room/corner between that and the desk I've made a lot of progress. The boxes are neatly stacked here in the study now.
  • Put desk drawers contents into boxes after rationalising them no, not that disciplined (as with everything)
  • Sleep more often! As with all, yes and no. Sometimes I sleep a normal amount, mostly I don't. I don't know why.
  • Stitch something on any of my projects
  • Stitch a bit on Peaceful Paradise
  • Get Nikos' icon back out again and work on it
  • Finish apron (just needs bias binding, pretty much)
  • Finish Bindi's medieval dress
  • Work with Nana on my black skirt if she comes
  • catchup notes for current history topic, others if possible
  • go on excursion (yay!)
  • catchup maths homework and stay caught up
  • do the S.o.S. assignment I've been avoiding
  • try to get into the discipline of 1hr work/subject/day from M-Th each week
  • do the History assignment that's hanging over my head
Everything else:
  • continue cooking
  • binder-ise recipies
  • make some sweet things BEFORE the Apostles' fast!
  • cook dinner a few times
  • try to keep an easy Rule, at least

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