Tuesday, April 15, 2008

At the end of the day

Here's my work on part 3, and you can see part 2 as well. I didn't take it off the frame because I didn't see the point, and it's fiddly to get on and off.

I think I'm about half done with this part. I've been starting the frame for the next part, too, so I can use up any spare floss, and also so I don't have to do a huge amount of boring work when I start the next part, which is always the deterrent to me when I start a new one.

15th April

I love the irises, they're beautiful. The tree is boring, but I know it will look beautiful as I can already see the other half of it in the second part. I stitched the crane, too, but there's no instruction as to what colour floss to stitch the backstitches at the beak, wings and tail with so I left a message for Martina and I'll add them later. I think the irises were my favourite of the work I did today :) Just lovely shades of pink.

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Karan said...

JOB is beautiful Kyrie - it will be another stunning piece when it's completed.