Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Epitaphion photos and today

I promised photos with the last post but forgot them, so you can have some this time :)

To take a break from the baptism photos, here are the pictures of our epitaphion (which symbolises the tomb of Christ) in progress and finished.

First we put in the Crosses, and the filling around them, and added the borders. Here's one short end, all pink and white roses with a red rose Cross
One short end finished

And here's me to prove that this is ours! All in black for Holy Week - red is a concession to warmth, it's *almost* dark! It's been rather cold, end of April so that's not that surprising
Me (dressed dark!) next to the work in progress

Here's one of the long sides. These were pretty much identical, except the background on this side was yellow carnations and white on the other.
The yellow side

Abouna (Father) and Jeremy saw me with the camera and wanted a photo of them 'always arguing' (as if!!), so we staged one:
Abouna and Jeremy

When the top was done, we added flowers to the posts, and started filling in the edges of the base. The lady in the photo is Khouria - the priest's wife. This is also a good picture of the white side.
Khouria working on the base edges

And here it is in the Church that night, before the service and procession :)
That night


I've had a slow day. I finally decided that freaking out and procrastinating against my backlog of work was not useful, so instead I got up and started work. A few hours later, I was half caught up on my math exercises (three week's worth, so nothing to sneeze at) before my class began, and I've been working on them since, too. I'm planning to get the backlog done and then leave this weeks' work until it has to be done, so I can clear the backlog for my other subjects too. I'm sooo glad I'm not doing five subjects or this would be totally unmanageable!

Tonight is TV night, too. I have to watch neighbours and home and away (seriously!!) for school and take notes, so I'm going to do that, and I'll do it for all saints too which I watch anyway.

It's cold, and slow, but it's progressing. And that's good news.

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