Tuesday, April 15, 2008

11 Days

I'm taking a break from stitching for a little while as there's only so long you can work on over-one cranes before you start to go nuts. It's worth it, it looks beautiful. There's only one crane in this panel, and it involves three colours. I've done the main one, and I'm working on the secondary one at the moment. The third is just for accents.

Today has been incredibly slow. Yesterday I had the day off because I needed it, today I'm just tired but not in a way that enjoys being in bed, so I'm sitting on the couch but kind of bored. It's Tuesday though, tv night in this house. the news, h&a and neighbours because I have to watch them for school (would you believe!!), it takes two/dancing with the stars and all saints. sometimes I tape NCIS, too. Unlike in america, having a recorder built into your tv/cable thingo isn't that common here, so we still use VCRs. Or download it off the internet.

The frame for this panel is just about done now, and I've been using leftover thread on the next panel's frame. Slowly, surely, I'm getting there.

I just wish it wasn't so cold and quiet today.

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