Thursday, April 17, 2008

9 days

Heh...again, I am a fool.

I keep assuming that my illness is logical, that I can go out, have an exhausting weekend, sleep and rest for a few days and be back to normal. Nope. Does not work like that. I barely did anything yesterday, or today, but by the time I was in the car tonight to come home I could barely walk.

It's irritating, but this is my Stavros - my Cross, to bear. And I'll get there. I just need to stop forgetting important details like those.

Kyrie eleison, Ya Rab raham, Lord have mercy. After six weeks (almost) of Lent, I say these phrases almost as easily as breathing (they all mean the same thing). I know Psalm 50 (51) by heart, prostrations have become second nature, and I'm used to eating calimari for every other meal, and asian for that which isn't calimari! I am sick to death of calimari, give me some KFC already :P I'm not sick of asian yet, thankfully, I think because there's more variety. A week and a bit, and it will be Pascha. Next week is a strict fast for everyone else (no oil, either) but for me I just keep the normal fast (which I haven't been, as I'm sick) when I'm on my own or it's me choosing. Mostly I'll be out with Orthodox people as it's Holy Week though, so I doubt I'll be cooking often enough for it to make a difference - I'll just eat what they eat.

On the topic of things that AREN'T religion, though, I got my chart back for Peaceful Paradise but haven't been home to work on it. Instead, it's been JOB, or when I'm not home (most of the time) I finally got the fabric for Nuts About Autumn so I've been carrying that around, much more practical. No big frame (it's in a hoop), not a big piece of fabric, less floss to worry about. It's nice. A smaller chart, too. My squirrel has a belly, arms, and most of his head, though I haven't filled in the pink for his paws or pink and white for his mouth and teeth yet. He's adorable, I love working on this especially as it stitches up so quickly. I'm not usually fond of small designs as they seem expensive for not much gain, but I might get addicted to these ones I think - maybe enough to do the series, one in each season. No photos, yet. When I get a bit more done, I think :) I've got a meeting tomorrow night to get to in the city though, and then Church after, and helping Father with double sided stickytape (long, sad story), and then Saturday we're going to be out too. So I'll have plenty of spare moments where blocks of colour will be a good option. This stitches up so quickly, I think I'll miss it when it's done. Maybe I should reevaluate my thinking on small pieces, just to carry around - goodness knows I spend enough time on busses and things. I'll have a lot of spare time next week too, out for Holy Week, but I don't know how much of that it'll be appropriate to stitch on. DEFINITELY not Good Friday, it's a Greek tradition that you don't use sharp tools because Christ died due to sharp tools. So no stitching. I don't think I'll have time to do it anyway, between Church services!

I've been reading Les Miserables, slowly, too. I'm almost at the end of volume 1 of my set (of 2) but it's got somewhat slow and background-y again. Some classic novels have so much background you'd never have issues to write's just hard going! And I have no desire to write Les Mis fanfic. The book is really good, I like classic lit, it's just hard. There's a production of the musical at the end of May where I live too, by a decent company, so my friend Andrew and I are planning to try and get a group to go, all in red and black. FUN!

Anyway, this is going to get rambly and make no sense, soon. So I'll stop. But I've had a good last few days, I'm just frustrated by being sick.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Les Mis... the book is good, but you are right - a lot of background. Stick with it though - it's worth it.

The musical is fantastic - you should most definitely go if you can... I've seen it 4 times!