Monday, April 28, 2008

Being sleepy

I should post something but I'm just worn out. Now that the adrenaline rush I've been living on for the past week has worn off, I'm just tired. Not sleepy, but tired in other ways.

I drove a bit today, picking up some things for Dad and a new phone for me as the network mine was on (CDMA for the aussies who know what that means) closed tonight. It's PINK! Very cute, a flip phone - I know I swore I'd never get one, but this one looks sturdy and hard to break. Unfortunately it doesn't fit on the older nokia chargers even though it's a nokia, so I have chargers I can't use now :(

We went into the city to Uni and Dad worked in his office, while I put the numbers from my old phone over onto my new one, and did a bit of stitching. We had (yet another) 'discussion' on theology/ecclesiology/all those fun things. No yelling this time, thankyou God. That's okay though. Tonight has just been...slow. We watched a Sir David Attenborough doco on lizards which was actually really cool and featured a couple of the lizards we see around here (I forget that other people find sleepy lizards etc exotic), ate good meat pies with sauce, and then watched Good News Week which I'm terribly fond of. I like the current affairs satire shows - GNW, the Chaser, rove (to a degree), they're fun. At the same time (okay, not while eating meat pie, I do have a brain) I worked on Japanese Octagon Box and got a lot done. The mountain is emerging, and the only things left to do in the 'picture' part of this part are filling in the last of the green in the grass and backstitching the irises. The ornament below is half done, and the frame is done except for the last bit that doesn't really fit on the frame and I'll probably do in hand, and a tiny bit of the black border on the ornament. Only a handful of stitches :)

I'm enjoying working on this piece again, and God-willing I'll get this part done (except maybe the frame, we'll see how I end up working that) soon and can take a photo. When I get this one done I'll be 1/4 done with the embroidery for the whole project, woohoo! The whole project just blows me away, the effects created by the different stitches are great. This lantern ornament is turning out much better too so I might frog the first one and fix it - might. Ripping out PTB that I've backstitched over is not my idea of fun. I suppose it all depends on how perfectionist I'll feel like being when this is done. When I do get this section done (the landscape) though, and add the rhodes stitches and beads, I'm going to hang it up somewhere on display 'til I get the other parts done. It's too pretty to leave in a box to wait!

Tomorrow I have a maths class, so I'm going to get up and get some work done to make sure I'm caught up - I haven't touched my homework all holidays, I didn't realise that the week before Holy Week would get eaten too.

It's 11, I should go sleep. I'm feeling out of sorts though which is making me want to stay up. Sooner or later the sensible part of me will win out :)

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