Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More photos and stuff

When Kyrie gets in a funk and it's too early in the night to go to bed, she goes looking for food. And her Dad just brought back a huge bottle of Baileys that needs drinking (it's been opened). So...combining the two...

I made this:
Baileys sundae

A couple scoops of vanilla icecream, broken oreos in between them, and a bit of Baileys over the top. Yum.

I've been feeling brain-worn-out but not sleepy a lot recently about this time of night. Maybe I should listen to my body and actually sleep when I get like this, I don't know. I'll probably go to bed soon. I mean, normal people go to sleep about 10:30. Staying up until 1 is not normal. I'm just not used to it! I've stayed up late like this for so long I can't remember going to bed at normal hours, except maybe when I was in Tumby and then it was because I had no reason to stay up. Ditto being at Jeremy's - he went to bed, and I simply said my prayers and went to sleep. Maybe there's something in that. Maybe I'm coming back good again? I don't know. I can hope and pray that that is so.

Speaking of prayers, this is what my little bit of sacred space looks like at the moment:
Quiet space

I'm always changing it. The bible that's there is temporary, now that Troy and I have full OSBs he doesn't need his New Testament and Psalms one anymore, and I like having a bible open there and my study bible in a case to actually...study with, radical as that may seem. I want to get back into reading it, and journalling my private thoughts again not just what I've been writing here. I got out of the habit of proper journaling because I just never had anything to write, but now I'm starting to get things that I want to write personally again. Again, maybe I'm coming good. The little angel is a baptismal gift from Jo, she said it reminded her of me. And then Fr John said that it looked like me a few weeks ago when I had my hair braided and in a bun, and that I reminded him of his mother when it was like that. So...maybe there's something in that! I happen to like that style, so it was nice that it was remembered. The card says "Bright Star - reflecting the light within" :)

Soon enough I'm going to have to move this though, I want it in my room when we finally reshuffle the furniture and rip out the carpet. I have bigger icons now, but where my little corner is now hasn't got the wall space to hang them, so they're in my bedroom. The really big one of Panayia and Christ is next to my bed, with a candle in front of it that I light when I'm in there, and I got given money to buy more with, so I'll probably do that sometime soon.

As far as stitching - I am so close to finishing this part of JOB I can taste it, and I've made inroads into the next one at the same time. It's so beautiful, and I should get it finished tomorrow all going well. One more colour and the backstitching in the lantern, the inner backstitching for the irises, the last tiny patch of border and one square of colour
are all that's left now. I'm so glad to see this come together so quickly.

But, I'm tired, and in a weird mood. So I think I'll call it a night even though it's very early for me, and do some more stitching tomorrow.

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