Tuesday, April 15, 2008

JOB returns

I was brilliant, and left the pattern for Peaceful Paradise in Father's office at Church the other day.

So, I pulled out JOB instead, which I've been wanting to work on for ages. And got pt 2 finished! The parts on this really aren't very big, so it's fun to work them up nice and quick.

Here you are, have a picture:
Pt 2 finish 14th April 08

This main part (the sides of the box) is now 1/4 done, the whole thing is 1/6 done. I'm leaving the rhodes stitches in the border and the beading until the end, because my q-snaps don't like them. The only annoying thing is that I can't really work on all of the border while I'm working on other things, but have to shift my q-snaps...but I'll cope. I'll get the very top parts of this scene done, so I can shift the q-snaps and work on the bottom part of the border for this and the next part soon enough.

The bonsai tree is my favourite, it's just so...cute! the leaves are tiny diamond eyelets, and they are so soft and pretty in reality, but hte photo doesn't capture them as well, sigh.

It's after midnight now but I'm not that tired. I've had too much of a restful day, apparently! So I might do a bit more border, and start the next scene. There are irises and mountain in this one, along with the rest of the winter tree. I can't wait to start the irises, they're so pretty!

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Sally said...

Wow JOB looks stunning Kyrie!