Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sleep, church, oklahoma, results and a photo!

I'm exhausted, but less than this time last night - I slept until 3pm today! My hands are painful though, so I'll be quick.

Today has seemed short because of that, and I got up, got dressed, and went into the city to meet Jeremy. My train got there early, so I wandered up and got a burrito from the mexican takeaway on Hindley St - they do vegan stuff! YES! I mentioned that, and said something about Lent, and the girl behind the counter asked if I was Orthodox. I said yes, and she told me that she was as well, and proceeded to make me up a burrito with everything on it that we can eat, and charged me the cheapest price. I told her thankyou and that I'd light a candle for her!

Jeremy picked me up along with our priest, who needed to go to a meeting in the city. We were supposed to go, but we couldn't and we'd said about not being able to and been ignored, so we figured we'd make a point and just say NO. So we did, and went to Vespers, which was wonderful, as usual. Then we went on to my sister's school's production of Oklahoma, which was actually really good, and came home.

I got results back too - a history test, and a maths assignment that I spent ages working on last weekend. Here in SA we get marks out of whatever, but they get made out of 20 for comparison purposes, and 20s are the ideal. I got 17 and 19, thankyou very much teachers! I'm out of practice with the history stuff, so I'm pleased with a 17, and with humanities subjects getting 20 is particularly hard. And 19!!!! VERY pleased Kyrie.

Oh yes, and a picture of peaceful paradise:
4th April 08

That was taken before I started work on Friday, so I've got a bit done since then, but not a lot. My hands are hurting too much tonight to do any more work on it, so I'm off to sleep! DST ends in an hour or so, so I get an extra hour's sleep. YES!

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