Thursday, April 03, 2008

Today and a meme

I spent today doing a lot of stuff with my grandmother, baking a cake (peach butter cake, for those interested) that got demolished by my family very soon after, and doing some schoolwork. Tonight I went to Presanctified Liturgy and then to watch Jeremy play basketball, which was fun, and now I'm plonked down on the couch with my laptop. Yay for it being Thursday morning, early.

The new TGOSM issue had a lovely cross design in no-cut hardanger, which I started on a spare piece of cream linen in DD Ocean Pines, and I have 1/4 of it done for only about half an hour's work. NICE. If I don't get thoroughly sick of this design I might do it in a few colours for Pascha (easter) presents for my godparents, and maybe others :) maybe one each for my priests too. We'll see. I have a tendency to make these plans and nothing come of it, so I'm trying to just finish stitching it once first!

Here's a meme with a difference that I nicked from Emma's blog:

What I was doing 10 years ago:
Ten years ago I was nine years old, almost ten. I'd gone to America with my parents as my Dad had a diplomatic position, was getting used to the American school system (so different to here), a huge house, and weird seasons. My teacher was Ms Skibinski, whose name I struggled to pronounce until the end of the school year when I no longer had to, and I turned 10 on Easter Sunday. I still had a terrible fringe (bangs), and absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever. And I had started a career in winning prizes from Sunday School for knowing all the answers. I was a Sunday school teacher's nightmare...poor things.

Five things on my To Do List today:

1. Studies of Societies assignment, or die
2. History essay, ditto
3. Sew the hem on greendress
4. Redress the dolls for winter
5. Go to Great Compline and Bible Study/Fellowship

Snacks I enjoy:

Homemade cake
My sister's brownies
My nana's biscuits (cookies)!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Buy Troy and I a house. Put a stack of it away so that we could afford to eat. Buy one of my Churches a new building, and a stack of icons. Give a bunch to the Church. Give a bunch to charity. Get a cat. Buy stitching supplies, all the Chatelaines, a bunch of icons and BOOKS! Oh yeah, and pay for my wedding.

Five places I have lived:

A falling down farmhouse that my great-grandparents built (South Australia)
Another house on the same property as it was cheaper to build a new one than to fix the old one (ditto)
Fairfax County, VA (USA)
Church (kidding!!)
My own head

Five jobs I have had:

Personal assistant
Unofficial filing officer (same job, I did all the filing for something to do)
Invalid (i should have a master's degree in this by now)
Professional High School Student (hey, I've been one for 7 years and a bit now)
Seamstress to whoever asks me

I hate tagging, so I won't. If you want to steal this, let me know you filled it in :)


Sally said...

Peach butter cake sounds delicious:)

I love the needleroll from this month's Gift of Stitching. I think I will have to stitch that soon!

Tash said...

Hey Kyrie...
Did you really live in Fairfax? I lived in Vienna and went to school in Great Falls, very very close by. That was about 12 years ago. My Dad was in the Navy and was on a posting to the Aussie embassy in DC. What a small world! :D
<3 Tash