Sunday, April 27, 2008

A few photos, among other things

I've still not got dressed today. It just doesn't seem important, and I probably won't.

I really do need to set up a structure though, for my classes. That hit me yesterday. Even if it's just 'for x number of hours, at these times (unless it needs to change), i will work'. I'm sick of falling back into this 'oops, forgot to do it and it's due tomorrow/last week' habit again. Sometime tonight, God-willing. Tonight will be an early night though, I really need it. Sooo tired.

It's been raining today too, very grey, but that's kind of nice. I'm sitting on the couch, the heating's on, and contemplating picking up my stitching (remember I do that??) again. Nuts about autumn is progressing, slowly, but will stay in my bag. I like having the small project easily carry-able in my bag, so I'll keep it there and work on the big ones here at home. Speaking of the big ones (both Peaceful Paradise and JOB are calling so I'm going to use the Random Researcher to decide in a minute), Rebecca has started PP and it's beautiful, go have a look! She seems to be having an easier time of the sky than I did, lucky her :)

It's nice to have downtime for the first time in ages. I'm going to have weeknights again now, weird. I really need to use them to get some homework done!

Okay, I promised photos. Here's a few - I'll post them in small lots so that you dont' get bombarded with them.

Thumbnails, as always click to see the big photo. I figure if I put them in thumbnails it won't kill most people's computers.

Hannah and Kyri
This is a good friend of mine, Hannah, and me. Hannah can't hug me without swinging me up into the air, which is what she'd just done here hence the weird angle my head's at. It's fun.

Isn't this temple lovely? I'm particularly fond of their iconostasis, very pretty carvings. This is everything set up beforehand. The icon in the centre of the royal doors is of Christ as the Great High Priest, which is one of my favourites.

Waiting for the service
Here's some of the people who came, waiting. The girl in pink is my sister, the lady with dark hair in the front is my Mum.

Jeremy (and Andrew)
Jeremy! He's Troy's godfather, all dressed up. Andrew's standing next to him but you can only see half of him. The thing behind is St Nectarios' epitaphion - the tomb of Christ. Theirs is less 'busy', only using a few colours, but very pretty. It's also a lot more traditional!

Andrew and Nikki
Here is a decent photo of Andrew (a jeweler friend who made our crosses and serves in the Altar) and my godmother, Nikki. Behind Nikki is a shrine with the relics of St Nectarios.

Beginning prayers
We started off with a few prayers. The priest with blue on his vestments is Fr John, the one in white and gold is Fr Silouan (the parish priest for this Church), and behind Fr John you can just see Fr Nicholas aka Abouna, the priest at not-greek-church.

Prayers before the Creed
Then we were asked to pledge ourselves to Christ

Do you pledge yourself to Christ?
and knelt before Him before saying the Creed

About then it hit me that we were really doing this, and we walked into the sanctuary.


more next time I post.

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