Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Post with no name

The clutter in my house is starting to get to me again, I might have to do a drastic clean again. Or finish my sewing at least so I can put my sewing machine and cabinet away!

I think I wore myself out over the past few days - I did a lot on Sunday, and then again yesterday (which was supposed to be a downtime day) I was out of the house driving my dad and my grandmother places. Today my head is kind of in a fog, and I'm trying to make myself get the motivation to do some cooking so I can eat a meal for the first time in about 24 hours. Food just seems unimportant while I'm like this, and I know that's not a good thing. I've got the mac'n'cheese packed on the cupboard, give it an hour and I'll probably have made and eaten it.

The weather the last few days has been beautiful - 32 yesterday, supposed to be 29 today. It's nice after the bitter cold of last week! Autumn here in South Australia is a very weird season, it jumps from summer to winter and back again at least once a week it seems.

I have sad news - three of my rats have died recently, very close together. None of them were a total surprise, but it's still sad. Champagne was almost 4, which is OLD for a rat, with smallish tumours...Sofia had large tumors and was six months to a year younger, and Sosspiri was my sister's rat and always sickly. I hadn't been up in a couple days to feed them, and went up to find them gone, and the younger two escaped! I know where they are, they're in a junk room, built a nest, and I put out food and water which they ate when I wasn't there. They let me pat and stroke them, but not catch them (I got bit in the middle of the thumb for my troubles, and let me tell you, rat bites HURT), so we're going to try Bindi's boyfriends' possum trap, and put them in the inescapable cage that Soss was in. We thought Soss was the only escape artist, but apparently not...anyway, they're irritating, but I'm glad they're still alive.

Speaking of pets, my Dad's suggested that I get a kitten last night - longer lasting, and I can have it in the house as my doc won't let me have the rats inside the main house anymore because we're not sure what's making me sick. So...fluffball kitten sometime soon YES! Pet deaths choke me up at the time, but I get over them fairly quickly...I'm not sure if that's a bad thing, a learned thing, or what? It's sad, I'll miss them, but it doesn't make me bawl my eyes out. I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to or not. Maybe I'm just being me (ie weird) again.

My arms are killing me, mostly from stitching I think, but I'm stitching because I can't be bothered paying attention to the pain. There's real pain, and there's illness aches. I long ago stopped listening to the latter if I can possibly help it, because they're just a fact of life now. My feet hurt, my neck hurts, my legs ache and so do my hands. And probably other places that I'm ignoring. That's just life now. I'm no less sick than I was a year ago, I just cope with it better now.

Time is a funny thing at the moment. It just...passes. it's like the time of my life and the real world's time are two different things. In my own world, it's like everything lasts forever, and is normal time. But outside, everything moves so quickly! I think it's partly because I spend so much time at home, or at Church, and time doesn't pass that quickly in either place.

I had a math class today, and thankfully I still remember all this work, so this unit should be easy. Oh, and I got my test back for the unit we just finished - 53/60, THANKYOU. I should get the best math grade I've ever had this report card! Now if I can just keep that up...

It's funny how I decide on what I will and won't do now - I sit here on the couch and think hmm, i'd like to sew Bindi's dress, but that means getting on the floor and getting back up again and heavy fabric. I don't think I'm up to that. So I sit and type, or stitch. But other days I'll get it into my head that the house needs cleaning, I want to make muffins, I want to sew, something. And I'll do it. I don't really know what the difference is in the two days, or whether my illness is any different on those days. I just know that mentally I can cope some days, and not others.

So I'll stay here, stitching. I am getting so, so close to finishing the sky - a couple hundred stitches, if that, and only four more rows left of text to start - I am stitching a length of thread into each line at the right side of the piece so that I make sure the border is correct, and also because if I work on this side part of the work, I can shift my q-snaps over the border and get on with everything else once I've made it to the bottom of the piece. Two of those rows aren't actually text, either. One is a strawberry border piece, and one is a rectangular ornament, and then I'm down to the bottom border of the text block, and into the scene at the bottom. I'm hoping to stitch these two rows of pages sort of together, with the different colours in the scene breaking up the monotony of all the black text, and the text breaking up the monotony of the grass which I have a sinking feeling will be like stitching the sky. Long, and boring.

If I finish the sky, I'll take a photo :)

ETA: here's a quote from the shoutbox (like a chatroom) on one of my forum sites:
kyriaki: My family have decided I need a (long lasting) pet that can wander around and keep me company
clementofrome: let's see....."a pet that can wander around and keep me company..." Kyriaki, you already have one.....it is called a LAPTOP!


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Chiasmata said...

I'm sorry to hear about your rats. :( I just fall apart when one of my pets die, so I guess being a little less devestated is a good thing.

OMG, a kitten! You'll have so much fun with a fuzzball. Maybe get one of the rex breeds that have non-allergenic fur? :)

There's a little picture going around on facebook - "I love my computer, because all my friends are in it!" Sad, but true.